News How To Increase Your Potential Selling On eBay

How To Increase Your Potential Selling On eBay


H?ve ?ou ?ver th?ught of sell?ng on eBay, but just d?dn’t kn?w wh?re t? ?tart? I h?ve b??n s?ll?ng ?l?th?ng and a?c?s??rie? ?n ?Ba? succ?ssfull? f?r over ?even ye?rs n?w ?nd thought mo?t h?u??hold? h?d bought ?r s?ld ?nlin?, but ? chanc? ??nvers?ti?n ?n my l??al sup?rm?rket ?r?v?d thi? w?? not th? ?ase. Th? ?s?i?t?nt ?ompl?ment?d me on ? b?g I w?? ??rr?ing. I told h?r I h?d ?u?t b?ught the b?g f?r 99 ?ence and wa? g?ing t? s?ll ?t ?n ?B?y. Sh? s??d ?h? had ?lw?y? want?d t? ?ell it?ms but wa? worr??d it w?s too c?m?lic?t?d or ?h? w??n’t ??m?uter l?t?r?te ?n?ugh. She m?d? ??ndl?s ?nd w?nt?d t? ?ell th?m ?nline. I gave her ??m? t??? wh??h I hav? l??rn?d, wh??h I ?m n?w p??sing ?n to y?u ?f you t?o f??l ?ou would l?k? t? ?tart mak?ng ??sh ?n eB?y.

1. Mak? sure ?ou t?k? the b?st ?i?tur? ??u can ?f th? item ??u ?r? pl?nn?ng ?n s?lling, thi? ?? ?our number on? sell?ng t?ol – ?f th?re part?cul?r f??tur??, t?k? a ?lo?e-u? of th?se. ?Ba? ?ll?ws ??u up t? twelve p??tur?s f?r fr?? wh?n s?ll?ng cl?thing and ?c??s??rie? ?r ?ne ??ctur? f?r ?ther item? (?lthough ??u can ??y f?r add?t??nal ?ictur?s), ?o mak? ?ur? ?ou get th? p??tur? right ?v?n if it t?k?? ? few attem?t?. Alwa?s tak? your ?i?tur? aga?nst a ?l??n b?ckground – ??u ?re ??ll?ng the it?m n?t ?our ?urroundings. Y?u do not n??d ? r?ally ex??n??ve ?amer? w?th l?t? ?f len??s – ? d?git?l ?am?r? with a g?od fl??h will do the ??b.

2. If ?ou are ?l?nning ?n buying n?w ?t?ms from wh?l???l?rs to ?ell,s?m? whol?s?l?r? hav? a st??k ?icture they u?e to promote th?ir it?m, ??u ??n usu?ll? downlo?d th?se ?nd u?e them ?n ??ur ad ?f ?ou h?v? b?ught th? ?tem from th?m. D? ?heck with the rel?v?nt wh?l???ler f?r?t though.

3. In the t?tle y?u g?t ?ight? ?h?r?cters to d?s?rib? ??ur ?tem, ?? use th?m w???ly. Put the ?olour, m?k?, ?ize, wh?t the item ?s ?nd RRP ?f ??u kn?w it, ?f ??u hav? ch?r?ct?rs l?ft u?? ad??ctive? – ?g: fab, ?retty, sexy, gorgeou?, r?tr?, v?ntag?, gr?at.

4. G?t ??ur ?tem d???r??ti?n right. I try ?nd ke?p min? ??nc?se, but fr??ndl?. I l??t u??ng bull?t ?o?nt? r?ther than ?n? l?ng ??r?gr??h. D???r?be th? ?t?m – wh?t ?s ?t, h?w t?ll ?? it, how he?v?, wh?t ?? ?t’? ?onditi?n. A?k ??ur??lf what y?u w?uld l?ke t? kn?w ?bout ?n ?t?m and ?nsw?r th?s? qu??t??ns ?n your d???r??tion.

5. D?n’t b? ?fra?d to ?r?ce ? b?t h?gher ?s y?u c?n ?lw?ys reduce ?r?c?s. Bu??rs d?n’t ?lway? bu? th? ?h?ap??t l??t?d item if y?u and another ??ll?r ?re ?ell?ng th? s?m? ?t?m.

6. Aim to m?rk u? ?ri??? by 100% m?nimum. S?rt ?ut what y?ur pri?e? ?r? g?ing t? b? b?f?re ??u ?t?rt l??t?ng the ?t?m b? w?rking out what y?u bought ?t f?r in?luding VAT, any del?v?r?/po?tal fe?s you ?ncurr?d ?f you b?ught the item t? ?ell, ?Bay f?e? and Pa?p?l f?e?.

7. D??ide ?f y?u w?nt to sell to the UK ?nl? ?r W?rldw?d?. I currently ?ff?r ??ch it?m t? th? USA, Au?tr?l??, Europ? ?nd As?a. I g?t a l?t ?f ?u?tom?rs th?? w??. D?n’t b? ?ut off by ?v?r???s buy?r? – a? long ?s ?ou ?h?rge en?ugh to cover ??ur ?o?tag? y?u ar? fin?. I u?uall? ??nd p?r??l? vi? Intern?t??n?l Sign?d F?r ?? this ?s tra?k?d ?nd ?ou g?t a tr?ck?ng number from th? P??t Off???. If ??nd?ng ?utsid? Eur?pe ?ou will n??d ? cu?t?ms l?b?l wh??h y?u c?n ?l?? obt?in fre? of ?h?rg? from the P?st Off?c?.

8. ALWAYS obt?in ? ??rt?fi??te of po?t?ge f?r ??ch ?tem. You will n?ed th?s in the ev?nt ?f ? mi?s?ng ??rcel. I s?nd mo?t it?ms vi? r???rd?d d?l?v?r? – th?s way ??u g?t ? tr??king numb?r ?ou ??n tr?c? ?nl?ne. Che?k w?th y?ur l?cal P??t Offi?e for the late?t ?r?c?s.

9. Inv??t in ? good ??t ?f k?tchen scal?s. That w?? ?ou can g?t an ?de? of what th?ng?

??st t? s?nd. If n?t ?ou ??n just weigh them ?t th? l?cal Post Offi??.

10. M?k? fri?nd? w?th y?ur P?st Off?c? – th?y m?? th?n giv? y?u r???rd?d del?v?r? label? ?nd Intern?ti?n?l S?gned f?r lab?l? ?n bulk wh?ch y?u can put on ?t h?m? – thu? ??v?ng tim?.

On a r?turn vi??t t? th? ?u??rmark?t, th? lady had plu?k?d u? the c?urage to ?ell h?r ??ndles and h?d sold ??x s? far! Good luck w?th ??ur ?nline s?lling.

How To Increase Your Potential Selling On eBay
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