How To Install A Bay Window In Your Bathroom?

Bay windows are an extremely lucrative option in a room and a very popular one too. While in most cases they are added to living rooms and bedrooms there is nothing to say that they cannot be a valuable addition to a bathroom. Bathroom interior design has evolved considerably over the years and new and innovative ideas are being incorporated for style as well as functionality.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few tips on how to go about installing a bay window in ones’ bathroom:

-First and foremost, make sure that the customized window that you are installing is free of any damage and also that all the flaps are tightly locked and screwed on.

-While it is obvious that any bay windows that are going to be installed are going to go into an opening in the wall, the size of this opening should be at least half an inch bigger than the bay window for it to fit in properly.

-Now to start the process, first drill pilot holes into the inner perimeter of the bay window and then taking the help of one more person place the entire frame into the opening all the time making sure that the frame gets full support from the window sill.

-Now with one person holding the window in place line up side jamb shims along with the pilot holes in order to make sure that the fasteners are able to penetrate through the shims. Sealant can be applied to secure the shims.

-Once you have made sure that the window is secure and level, drill the screws into the pilot holes securely. Additionally spray adhesive on the sides and the head of the window’s nailing fin as well as around the stud frame wall around the bay window.

-Finally in order to seal all the four corners of the bay window add half an inch of sealant all around.

Given the fact that UPVC bay windows are not the easiest DIY project and do require specialized skill, it does make more sense to hire a professional to do the job. The idea is to make sure that all the money invested does not go waste and the project is completed properly and correctly. Once the window is installed, the rest of the time can be used to enjoy the space and beauty which, is a highly desirable experience.