How to Install Different Types of Wetroom Flooring Trays

There are different types of wetroom flooring trays available. In this article I will explain how to install flooring tray on a timber and concrete floor. Installing wetroom floors may turn out to be a very challenging task. Wetroom is a very sensitive part of the house and improper installation may cause unhygienic environment. If you lack proper skills, it is recommended you contact your local plumber to install a new wetroom floor or perhaps renovate an existing one. Nevertheless, I will provide detailed information on this review on how to install flooring trays easily.

How to install wetroom trays on a timber floor

The initial step in installing wetroom tray is determining where you would like to install it. Remove the existing floor to expose the floorboards of your wetroom. Use a tray to mark the area of your installation using a pencil. After marking the section, remove the tray and cut along the markings using a circular saw completely. You should be cautious of any pipes underneath the boards or even electric cables. You can now easily remove the board and replace it with the tray. You should make sure the tray fits perfectly and does not leave any room on the corners. Ensure that all joints of the tray are level and adjust if necessary. If you install unleveled tray, the overall performance of the floor will be poor. It is recommended you secure the tray using loggings to limit its movement. After the tray is a perfect fit, drill the noggin and install the waste pipe. It is advised that you check the position of the waste pipe as this will aid in ensuring the gulley and tray aperture don’t collide. Lay down a ply wood base in the area and make sure it is level and secured to the battens. You can now lay the tray and fix it using nails starting from the edges. Afterwards, place, grill and seal the gulley into position by drilling pilot holes and screwing it into the tray. You will note that the tray is higher than your wetroom floor, it is recommended to use a suitable substrate matching the wetroom flooring trays to overboard the other part of the bathroom floor to the height of the tray. You can now waterproof the area and lay a pre-cut fleece. Carefully cut the area of the gulley and you are now set to tile your wetroom. That’s how to install wetroom trays on a timber floor.

Installing a concrete floor in a wetroom

Installing a wetroom floor on a concrete is fairly easier than wood, simply place the tray in the location to install it, remove all the concrete in that area up to a depth of at least 30mm. This is because you need enough room for the installation of the gulley and also the waste pipe. After extracting the concrete to the required level, drill the area where your waste pipe will run and lay down your tray and make sure it fits perfectly. If the tray fits perfectly and is well balanced, you should go ahead and secure it into position using concrete screws. Lay down a suitable substrate and waterproof it to ensure there is no room for water to penetrate. That’s it. You have successfully installed wetroom tray on concrete floor. You can check other guides online on how to install different types of wetroom flooring trays on timber and concrete floor.


Learning how to install trays on wooden and concrete wetroom floor can be quite challenging. Nevertheless, there are quite a number of tips and guides how you can successfully install any type of wetroom flooring trays with ease.