How To Install Linux On A PS3 Console

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Are you looking fastest and safest ways to install Yellow Dog Linux on Ps3 console but you don’t have any clue on how to get it done? Then here will show you how you actually can install Linux or Window Operating System on your PS3.

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PS3 is the highly developed tech master piece where PS3 chip use by most of other IBM system. With this mean, you not only can play game with PS3, in fact you can unleash the full potential within Playstation 3 that capable transform to front end super computing system. Once you install Linux Operating System, you can watch movies, listen to Mp3, executing over 2000 applications, running programming tools, and even work as internet browser.

How To Install Linux For PS3 – Without Voiding Warranty and ModChip

The easiest and best way to install Linux Operating System on your PS3 console is using softmod jailbreaking method. Softmod mean you can install Linux into your P3 console without touching physically on the console itself. You not need to open up the PS3 console in order to unlock the features inside PS3. Besides, you can install Linux on the PS3 without voiding PS3 warranty and not need any tech geek skill to hack inside Ps3 component as well.

Follow below steps installing Linux on the PS3:

  1. Firstly, you need to find a reliable and high quality professional software that capable to help you to install YellowDog Linux on PS3 automatically.
  2. Download particular software to your Playstation 3 console by copy it to USB stick orburn the program on a empty discs.
  3. Once installed, you execute the program and just sit back relax. The program will operate by itself and install either Yellow Dog OS or Ubuntu OS to your PS3.

Although it seem like easy however you should be careful on which software that safe to use in order to get you the best result. There are hundred of Linux installer software for PS3 but 90% of these programs either contain viruses, they steal your info or… they simply don’t work.

Be caution and stay away for above mentioned software, stay alert on feedback given by actual users. Prefer software that has received high reputation and good testimony on the product reviews.

Top Choice Of PS3 Linux Installer Software – Ps3Magic

Highly recommended PS3Magic – professionally developed PS3 Linux installation software that provide you a detailed instruction guide with soft-mod files that allow automatically PS3 Linux OS installation. Ps3Magic included with top rated best PS3 supportable OS for playstation 3 – YellowDog Linux and Ubuntu Linux. You can choice to run either one of them or both together.

Don’t waste your time to try with those useless guide that tell you how to jailbreak your Ps3 and being left with nothing but a damaged PS3 and completely voided your PS3 console warranty. Don’t take any worthless risk that totally messing up your system.

  • Install Linux on PS3 with Virus free, safe and harmless software.
  • You can switch to Windows Operating System installation on Ps3 if you not familiar with Linux.
  • Without void your warranty
  • No hardware modification needed on your Ps3 console
  • Have lifetime access to updated Linux batches and updated Linux features available for your PS3 console.
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