How To Install The OEM Fit LED Daytime Running Lights

We always get customers ask us how to install the direct fit (aka OEM fit) LED daytime running lights. Even though we do have several specific installation guides for these OEM fit LED DRL kit, but I think it is a very good idea to provide this general guide applies for all our OEM Fit DRL kit.

This installation guide is meant to provide the concept of how to install most of our OEM fit LED daytime running lights. Since most of them are designed in a similar way, their installations are also very similar. Your vehicle may or may not require more steps.

1.) Locate the factory fog light bezel or the lower bumper mesh insert area.

Install LED daytime running lights

2.) Using pliers, take a firm hold on the bezel and pull. These bezels are typically held by plastic clips and is meant to be pulled off as so. However, please keep in mind that some vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz W204 C-Class uses both screws and clips. You can easily see the screws if the bezel/mesh insert require the screws. Please check this on your vehicle before proceeding to avoid any damage from occurring.

3.) Route the wires of the LED daytime running lights through the hole and up to the engine bay. Having the engine cooled down will help considerably in this step to avoid burning your hands and arms. Install the LED DRL lamp into the factory location by snapping the clips back in. Since the direct fit LED lamps are designed for the specific vehicle, little to no modifications are required.

4.) Wire the LED lamps according to how the installation procedures state. Most of the direct fit LED lamps have the wiring guide stated on the module box. The most common wiring setups are:

A) One wire to battery positive, one wire to ground, and one wire to ACC or any 12V power source such as parking lights or side marker lights => LED DRL turns on when the triggering receives power
B) One wire to battery positive, one wire to ground => the LED DRL will turn on when the engine starts
C) Two wires; tap the positive wire to ACC wire or any 12V power source and the other wire to ground => LED DRL turns on when the triggering receives power

5.) Repeat the same procedure on the other side and enjoy your new direct fit LED daytime running lights!