How to jail break your idevice…

1st it’s better for you to know what is jailbreaking. It’s a process which is used to get rid of the limitation which has been introduced by For this You gonna need your idevice and a pc or a laptop with a network connection. And after jailbreaking you should have a wifi acess point to complete setup. (Note: Wifi is necessary only if your device is cannot use GPRS or 3G/4G networks. i.e. ipod touch 2g/3g)

Before you start jailbreaking you should get to know about your device. Simply connect it to your computer and then open itunes. There you’ll get your device displayed on right side of the screen. After clicking on it you can come to know about your device.

There are several ways of jailbreaking your device, But without any harm to ur device or losing any data you can jailbreak your device. 1st you should get in to and download the correct green pois0n version which is appropriate for your device. Then remove your deice from PC and turn it off. Then open the green pois0n.exe and it’ll open a small window. Just follow the steps as mentioned there. Carefully read the notifications included in there.

After opening the exe you need to connect your device in to DFU mood. It’s simply easy. When you connect your device it’ll start to boot. In the moment you should hold the sleep button for about 3 seconds and without releasing it hold up the both sleep & home buttons for 10 sec. then Release the sleep and keep holding the home button. Now the green poison will start jail breaking. This normally takes about 10 minutes. Then it’ll reboot with the usual apple icon with green poison icon. After booting the device you’ll see an app ‘loader’.

Click on it and it’ll extract some setup through the internet. Then it’ll request your permission for auto uninstall ( some times it wont). Select yes and go on. Then you’ll see an app ‘ Cydia’. Run it and your device will restart for couple of times. Now it’s done you have jail broke your idevice without any harm. Just go on to cydia and select your wish (User/Hacker etc.) then you can choose many themes, games, apps almost frelly. Enjoyy !!! (Note; If you are having any troubles with your device, Again put it in to DFU mode and restore it through itunes)