How to keep cats out of your car

You spent hours washing and waxing your new car, only to wake up a lot of sweet kitty prints and scratches all over the vehicle. Because his neighborhood is full of stray cats, a little creativity is needed to keep paint job of your car free of blemishes. Deter cats climbing the whole trip can take some smart thinking, but a brilliant tour, scratch-free offset the inconvenience. Things You’ll Need to keep cats OFF your car.

Pet deterrence
Ultrasonic vehicle vinyl strips
Cat liquids | repellent sprinklers activated by movement of the car deck


Instructions for How to Keep Cats Out of Your Car

1 Store your car in a garage. Keep the car in the garage not only eliminates the possibility of unsightly spider cat but also reduces the likelihood of errors and bird droppings.

2 add a repellent ultrasonic pet to the auto roof by vinyl strips vehicles.These strips of vinyl are often used to make stickers and labels for vehicles and not to damage the paint job. Put the repellent on the rooftop, holding it in place by a vinyl strip on the front and back of the device. Press the ends of the strap firmly to the ceiling, rubbing his fingers back and forth to create a solid seal.

3 cat repellent spray liquid on the ground around the car. those offensive are made with strong-smelling ingredients, most cats find offensive, and they’ll find another place to land. The spray should be applied once a week, and after each rain storm for best results.

4 Establish a perimeter motion-activated sprinkler around the car. Most cats despise get sprayed with water, and a quick burst of sprinklers, as walking is enough to deter most irritating cats.

5 Cover the vehicle with a heavy car cover. Look for a bottom covered with a padded and polished outer surface to refill your car in case a stray cat made through its other defenses. An outer surface polished make cats are stubborn enough to climb into the car to slip away, saving his painting.