How to keep mouse out of your home?

Mouse and rodents pose serious problems for homeowners. They easily access into a house through tiny holes, vents, and ducts. A small gap between the doors, and floors is also enough for them to enter a house. Once they find their way inside a house, they destroy household goods, such as expensive furniture and upholstery, they gnaw electrical wirings and cables and damage electrical appliances. Besides, mice cause serious health hazards as they leave their droppings and urine throughout the house, especially in food containers and utensils.
In order to prevent these problems, it is important to adopt the right mouse control Burnaby methods. Here are some of the ways in which you can keep mouse and rodents out of your home.
To prevent mouse from entering inside your home, you must check the foundation of your home for any cracks and crevices. If you find any, get them filled as mouse can easily crawl inside your house through these access points. Make sure that the chimneys and the fans on the outside of your home are closed properly. Windows and doors should be properly closed as mice can easily enter if windows and doors are left open.
Mice love to live in places that are dirty and filthy. So if you want to mouse proof your house, keep your home neat and uncluttered. All the rubbish and garbage should be thrown away in the dustbins and the lid should be properly closed. After eating food, make sure that there are no left overs on the kitchen table or dining table. If there is any fish or meat waste, put it in the dustbin. Keep your cereals and grains in air tight bags so that mouse do not find anything to eat. If they would not find anything to eat, they will not like to live in your house.
Rats and mice also access homes through drainage and sewage systems. So cover the drains and sewage system with steel nets. Steel nets are safe since they can’t be gnawed easily by mouse.
You may also use mouse control Langley products to get rid of mouse. Mouse control sprays are available in the market. These sprays produce the smell of rats’ predators. Rats get frightened and they leave that place. Buy natural rat repellents as they do not contain any sort of toxic and harmful substances and are completely safe for rats.
If above methods do not help you in getting rid of mouse, avail professional mouse control Burnaby services. Professional rodent control services promise quick, reliable, and long lasting solution to the problem of mouse control. You will be able to make your home safe and free of mice and rats.