How to kiss someone special

Knowing how to kiss may prove to be a very instrumental factor in living a happy romantic life. There is a difference between kissing well and kissing beautifully. Some kisses go flat while some kisses can turn you on. Some kisses are very mechanical while some can jingle up you and your nervous system. To know how to kiss may be a difficult process especially if you haven’t kissed anyone yet. There is no need to panic though. My article will throw light on the various things that one should keep in mind before, during after kissing. I will be sharing some of my kissing tips with you which will help you to kiss your partner.
If you are kissing for the first time then go through the following steps. Firstly you should make sure that your lips are looking inviting. No one would like to kiss you if you have cracked and dry looking lips. So you should have kissable lips. There are a few kissing tips which both boys and girls can follow if they want to have kissable lips. For example let your lips relax. Do not clamp your lips. You can use moisturizer to make your lips soft. Exfoliating the lips with sugar can also be done. It is very important that you are approachable kissing a guy or girl. If you have an unattractive body language and if you are low in confidence then people are surely going to avoid you. So have eye contact, smile, release your arms, and avoiding touching the face with the hands.
Now the question is what does it take to have that special first kiss?
If you are in the position for your first kiss a decent stare at her lips can send her the message. When you are going to kiss a girl or a boy, be sure to make eye contact. Then slowly turn your gaze towards his or her lips. Give a short, seductive smile.
There are many ways in approaching your first kiss. Guys, when kissing a girl, should not become stiff. They should slowly move their hands and use them to guide her to a better position. As you are discovering how to kiss the best way is to simply lean forward and allowing your partner to do the rest.
Gently target his/her lower or upper lip and then enjoy the rest. Do not stare. It is considered very rude to spare. After you are done with the kisses withdraw yourself slightly and start opening your eyes. Do not look away from our partner though.try making eye contact again. For those of you who want are going to have the first kiss in the near future you can do some practicing. Use your finger and determine the amount of pressure that is necessary.
While some people are very fast movers, some like to go steady with kisses. Remember you don’t need an opportunity to kiss, you need an occasion. And make that occasion a very special one-one to remember for the rest of the life.