How to Know if a Phone Interview Went Well

When you are looking for a job whether it is a new job or for a job change you will face interviews in person or by phone. Usually the first round may be held over the phone. There are certain signs of a good phone interview that you should look out for:

1. If the interview goes on for a long duration of time it usually is a good sign since it means that the interviewer is interested in your candidature. The interview may go on long enough since the interviewer will be looking for more information about you. Your chances of being shortlisted are very high if it is a long phone interview.

On the other hand if it is a very short interview or the interview ends abruptly then the chances of being shortlisted are slim.

2. If the questions that are asked in the phone interview go deep into your area of expertise, and you answer them well that is a positive sign and increases the chances of selection. An interviewer looks for a knowledgeable candidate for the job and if you answer his questions in detail he will be impressed with you.

3. When there is an interest in the candidate a question usually crops up which deals with the first few actions that the prospective candidate will take if selected for the job. If you can answer this question confidently the interviewer will count it as a positive sign. These would include improvements that can be carried out as soon as you join and a plan that you may follow after you join.

4. If the interviewer confides in you and starts talking about his frustration with the previous employee then it means that he has confident in you and that you will surely be shortlisted for the next round of interview. It means that you are being considered favorably and are being looked upon a person who can solve a problem.

5. The person who is interviewing you may take a professional or even a personal liking to you judging by any small or personal talk that he may engage in during the interview. This also means that you will be shortlisted for the next round of interview and also that you stand a high chance of selection.

6. At the end of the interview there is always a part where you can ask questions. If the interviewer spends a lot of time explaining the answer to your question, it is a good sign. It means that he is trying to convince you about your choice in applying for the job.

7. During some phone interviews the interviewer tells you the next steps at the end of the call. If he mentions that there will be another round of interviews. Or if he says that you will be called for a personal interview you can be sure that you have been shortlisted for the next interview.

8. Many organizations have several rounds of interviews. If this is the case and you are told about the coming rounds and details pertaining to those interviews you can be reasonably sure that these are signs of a good phone interview. Your chances of being hired are quite high and you may be assured of making it to the second round.