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How to Know if a Second Interview Went Well – Signs of a Great Second Interview


You will be elated when you receive a call for your second interview when looking for a new job. There are certain signs of a good second interview that will indicate whether you will be selected for the job or not.

1. A short interview might mean that you are being overlooked and that there is a preference for a different candidate. But if the interview goes on for a long duration of time it means that they are really interested in hiring you.

2. If you are able to answer all questions related to your area of expertise then it means that you are a good fit for the job and you can be reasonably confident of being hired. The questions may be technical in nature or may be related to the experience that you have in your field.

3. If the interviewer asks you about your plan when you join if you are hired then it means that he has made up his mind to hire you. You may also be asked questions about how you will arrange your priorities in a new job in the organization.

4. The interviewer may vent his anger on a previous employee and tell you how frustrated he was with that employee. This indicates that he has decided on you as a person that he is going to hire. It also means that he thinks that you will be have the solutions to the problems that he struggling with.

5. There is a chance that the interviewer may like you personally when you meet him for an interview, especially if you are affable. Personal bias towards you can be an important factor in your favor and usually means that you may get hired in preference to other candidates.

6. A sure sign that it has been a good second round is when you get introduced to others in the organization that you will work with if hired. You may even get introduced to senior managers or members of the board.

7. The interviewer may go to great lengths to convince you about reasons that you should join his organization. When you ask questions at the end of the interview he may explain them in detail and spends time answering your question.

8. A salary discussion where there is no apparent objection to what you quote as an expectation is a good sign and means that they are keen on hiring you.

9. In some cases the interviewer may ask you when you can join or request you to join as soon as possible. This means that you have been hired.

10. You may find the interviewer talking about the next steps at the end of the interview. He may even speak to you as though you have already been hired. This is because he has mentally chosen you as the hired candidate.

11. In some organizations there may be several rounds of interviews. In your second round if you are told about whom you will meet in subsequent rounds it is a sign that you will progress to the next round. In many cases the final round may be just a formality and if you seem to be passing the second round and there are signs of a good second interview, you can be reasonably sure that you will be hired after all the rounds are over.

How to Know if a Second Interview Went Well – Signs of a Great Second Interview
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