How To Know If Your Partner Is Cheating On You

1. Strange changes in behavior

Does your partner all of a sudden have difficulty making and sustaining eye contact with you? Do they seem overly nervous or excited even when there is nothing exciting going on? Attempting to conceal a painful secret over a long period of time can lead people to become jumpy and evasive. If your partner seems dismissive or quick to change the subject whenever you begin to have a deep conversation, they might be concealing intense feelings of guilt.

2. Unexplained or poorly explained changes in routine

Is your partner recently absent more often than before? They might be fabricating new appointments, activities or friendships as excuses for sneaking away to keep a tryst. Does your partner become defensive or angry when questioned normally about their plans?

3. Recent relationship trauma?

People may be more prone to stray if they, their partner, or their relationship has recently undergone a traumatic event. It is common for people to seek distraction or comfort from their problems in the excitement and intensity of a new relationship.Talking to and remaining supportive of your partner during times of difficulty can help to ensure that obstacles and challenges become a further cement between you as you work together. Poor communication or unhealthy emotional responses to stress, such as blaming your partner for things beyond their control, can instead cause you to be driven apart by troubling circumstances and life events.

4. Communication is key

To everything relating to a relationship. Start the dialogue first by opening up to your partner about your feelings and thereby encouraging them to do the same. By discussing your problems proactively, you can usually avoid more serious problems down the road. People in relationships really get into trouble when they stop communicating effectively with their partner.