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How To Know Stupid


Years ago the ‘Ulsterman Report’ was setting the ‘net on fire.  The Whitehouse Insider  was being accepted as absolute fact.

That it was published on Triond, (later gaining it’s own sub-heading on Stanza which publishes Triond) should alert that this was not a ‘Wikileaks’.

The fact it was a hoax was not appreciated at first, especially by the mental midgets who don’t have the capacity to question, is not shocking.  This is how stupid people stay.

If they want something to be true, it is true.  Do not trouble them with the facts.

If you read the article linked, then the comments beneath, you are startled by the emotion of the stupid people who want to believe in hoaxes.

I use this example because it is recent and powerful.

Stupid people will not just fall for a hoax, they will worship it.  They will perpetuate it.

All hoaxes take on a life of their own.  One can not stop a hoax once it gets moving.  It doesn’t matter the evidence, or lack thereof.  People will believe, even after hard facts emerge.

Once a stupid person gets something into his mind, it never comes out, save by beheading.

That the Whitehouse Insider was created as a Hoax, was supposed to be a joke means nothing.   Stupid people are stupid.  That is their existence.

An intelligent person can be wrong, can fall for a hoax.  The New York Post, for example, published something found on Whitehouse Insider, then, as they aren’t all stupid over there, realised they had been had.

It is not a condemnation that one falls for a hoax, but stupid people never recover.

During World War II a Drill Sergeant had two draftees, one he called Professor as the boy had a year of college, the other he called Plowboy.   As he couldn’t understand Plowboy, and considered that the first pair of shoes he got was those the Army gave him, he put Prof as his ‘Buddy’ hoping sense would rub off.

The Corporal remonstrated with him, but he proceeded any way.

At the end of two weeks Prof was talking and acting as stupid as Plowboy.

The Corporal said; “Stupid people have stronger minds that Smart People.”

The fact is, an intelligent person questions, considers, changes opinion based on new facts.  A Stupid person never changes his opinion.  If he thinks colloidal silver is good for him, he’ll keep taking it even after he turns blue.

Being intelligent means flexible.  Means that one can think.  Actually think. And when new information arrives, or old information falls into question, the intelligent person can stop, consider, change his or her opinion.

Changing an opinion isn’t blasphemy.  It isn’t forbidden, it is possible that one proceeded on erroneous information.

One might have read ‘White house Insider’ and because they hate Barack Obama want everything to be true.   Want everything they read that is negative to be true.

Wanting something to be true, and something being true are two different things.  Intelligent people know that.  Stupid people don’t.

As Albert Einstein said, Stupidity is Infinite.


How To Know Stupid
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