How To Know The Warning Signs Of Child Abuse

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Protecting our children is so important that we understand how to know the warning signs of child abuse. Children are precious but sometimes they get neglected and abused by the very ones that should be protecting them. Unfortunately, some children face bullies at school and/or abusive parent/guardians at home. Fortunately, you can help these children. But first, you need to understand how to know the warning signs of child abuse.

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Bruise And Burns Obvious Signs

I can’t cover all of the signs of child abuse in this article so I’ll try to cover the major ones. One of the easiest signs of child abuse to spot is bruises or burns on a child. Sometime when children are battered, they’re left with bruises on their skin. Sadly, some abusive parent/guardians use cigarettes to burn their children. The parents and children may try to hide bruises and burns under clothing. When children wear long sleeves in very hot weather, it could be a warning sign of child abuse.


Doesn’t Play Well With Others

Another warning sign is when children are withdrawn and don’t play and have fun like most children. Isolation is one of the tells that point to abuse. Children typically love to play with one another. But a child that’s being abused may choose to stay away from other children.


Unreasonable Fear Is A Sign

Another indication of child abuse is when children are fearful of physical contact from adults. For example, a child might cover up or cry out when an adult attempts to get a “high five” from the child. When a child reacts with unreasonable fear it could stem from abuse that the child has received.


Missing Children

If you don’t see neighbor children outside on a regular basis it could be due to abuse. If the neighbors have healthy children that could play outside but you hardly ever see them it could be reason for concern. If children are not going to school like they should be, it could be due to abuse or neglect.


Losing Weight Is A Sign

Another way to know the warning signs of child abuse is when a child seems to have lost a lot of weight for no obvious reason. A child in this situation may also ask you for food.


Unsupervised Children

One of the warning signs of child abuse is when children are left unsupervised for long periods of time on a regular basis. Children in this situation may be seen out and about at all times of the day and night. You can also recognize this by the parents extended absence.



Like I said, these are some of the more obvious signs of child abuse but you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. One, or even two of these conditions don’t necessarily make a sure-fire case of child abuse. Whatever you do, you don’t want to make a false accusation. So talk it over with a trained professional before you report any warning signs of child abuse.

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