How to Know Your Muffler Needs Replacement

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Have you ever driven past a car or truck that just produces some loud and annoying noise? Well, what that vehicle needs is a muffler. First, let us understand where this noise comes from. The internal combustion engine used by the motor emits very loud exhausts. Mufflers are developed to silence or reduce the noise.

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Technically, the muffler’s purpose is to misdirect the pressure of the internal combustion engine back towards the engine or around an internal chamber cancelling out the noise through destructive interference.
When you notice unusual sounds coming from your vehicle’s exhaust system, it is a call to replace your muffler. A loud and abnormal sound indicates a hole in your muffler while a clogged muffler on the other hand will cause noticeable change in engine power.

When you need to know when to replace your muffler, listen out for a rattling sound from your exhaust. This could be from some broken parts. A muffler covered with too much soot would clog leading to its malfunction. A broken muffler will even allow exhaust to enter the passengers’ compartment which is a health hazard.
Some vehicle owners will install an aftermarket muffler when tuning their engine to reduce fuel consumption or increase power output. Others, like racers, will make a choice of mufflers that will produce a deep rumbling sound that just turns heads.

Stainless steel mufflers are good quality because they last long and do not break easily. In the market, you will find creative designs that you will choose according to your taste. Magnaflow exhaust products offers universal mufflers that are equipped with outstanding usability and durability. Get a muffler that will give your vehicle long service.

Equip your vehicle with mufflers that have free – flowing features, straight through perforated stainless steel core that are capable of delivering a smooth, deep tone sound. Good quality brands like magnaflow are made with lap-joint welded to have a rigid and well defined structure to withstand extreme conditions.

Once you have picked your new muffler, you can have it installed at your local garage or by the supplier at a cost. Replace your muffler and give your vehicle a makeover.

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How to Know Your Muffler Needs Replacement, Seekyt
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