How to Leave Your Body Through Meditation: The Art of Astral Projection

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Going into your inner self is one of the most tranquil experiences one can ever imagine. The mind is such a vast container and what it holds, are endless possibilities to be and to become. You can do so many things by training the mind with daily meditation; and one of those things is to travel to time and space or some people refer to it as astral projection. Some people have claimed to go back as far as birth and beyond. Your mind holds great abilities; it only needs to be used. Just think that the average human being is using less than 5 percent of his useful brain. What does the other 95 percent hold? What could you possibly accomplish by tapping into your full mind power? Think of the possibilities.

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How to Leave Your Body Through Meditation: The Art of Astral Projection, Seekyt


Step 1

You will need a candle, it could be a single candle or it could be a candle in a glass jar-it is your preference. It is perhaps safer to use a candle in a glass jar just in case you leave for a period of time. You will need your favorite incense-Jasmine, Lavender, Frankincense or Myrrh are all good spiritual incense. You will need meditation music-this is optional and completely up to you. Some people get distracted by music, so it may not be a good idea for you if you have trouble concentrating.

Step 2

Turn off all the lights and sit down in a comfortable chair. Make sure your feet are on the ground. Do your breathing exercises. Inhale and hold for ten seconds, then exhale. Do ten sets of this exercise until you have relaxed completely.

Step 3

Stare at the candle flame for about 15 minutes. Keep the candle flame in focus until everything else disappears except for the candle flame. Mentally, change the candle flame to different colors. First yellow, then, purple, then red and so forth. This is difficult to do, but it is a very powerful mental training exercise. This exercise helps to sharpen the mind.

How to Leave Your Body Through Meditation: The Art of Astral Projection, Seekyt

Step 4

Close your eyes and picture that same candle flame. You should already be able to see it in your mind’s eye. Keep looking at the mental picture of the candle flame on the back of your closed eyelids.

Step 5

Keep your breaths at a rhythm (In 1…2.. out..1…2) until your mind takes off on its own. Before you go into deeper states, you should see different images and pictures of different things. These all mean something so try to remember them when you come back. Keep breathing steadily and go into the deeper parts of your mind. If your mind is too jumpy and not quieted, it’s best to focus on one image such as someone you love, a spiritual figure or an object like a light, a flower or even go back to the image of the candle flame itself.

Step 6

Do not panic when you begin to feel your spirit leaving your body. This is why you have to make sure you are sitting on a comfortable couch so that your body has a comfortable place to rest while you astral project and travel the universe.

Step 7

Let your mind take over completely and travel in the darkness of space. Keep practicing until you master the technique. It may take the neophyte longer, because you first have to train the mind. Do the candle exercise everyday for 15 to 20 minutes to train the mind’s eye. Do breathing exercises and meditate daily to train the breath and the spirit. The more you practice the faster and better you can astral project.

Step 8

Read books on astral projection and meditation. You can get great ideas on different ways to train yourself and become a master.

step 9

Take local group meditation classes to help your grow and develop in your meditation and astral projections.

NOTE: The use of the candle is a masters level approach to deep meditation. You should not attempt this unless you have mastered basic breathing and meditation exercises and are ready for the next step. You should consult a professional meditation teacher when attempting any deep meditation or attempting to leave the body.

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How to Leave Your Body Through Meditation: The Art of Astral Projection, Seekyt
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