How to Live an Inspired Life

“I’m going to go and find something to be happy about” is my new attitude for dealing with the temporary trials of life that come and go.


What I continue to learn about life is that there are certainties that show up regularly. For instance, I have a choice to set the tone for my day. It is up to me how I follow my beliefs and feel good about myself. When growing older you learn about life and gain lessons from experiences. Personal growth is how you build character as a person. Part of this involves always seeing the best, being open to change and staying above the madness of uncontrollable situations.

Different events may come along that take a toll on your mind and emotions. This often leads to stress, opportunity or confusion. The certainty is that no one promises that life will be a bed of roses. And the inspiration is that you can choose whatever you want to plant in your spiritual garden.


To go forward in life, I have picked up the function of discernment. It is an internal warning system to proceed with caution. And it is helpful when accessing or analyzing new territory. Intuition helps and it is my intuition that helps me perceive the motivations and intentions of others.

I believe that I am accountable to my choices to believe in positive outcomes. And it is a worthy task to improve my perceptions with every encounter.

A better perception highlights the importance of personal accountability. I am getting better at having an attitude of acceptance, reframing problems and challenges. They are viewed as lessons as well as a measure of strength, faith and confidence.

The Free and the Brave

Entertaining emotions that do not focus on happiness is a big price to pay. It makes your moments and thinking patterns turn negative and stagnant. All kinds of limitations, miscommunications and foul distractions show up.

Bad feelings feed and grow into disengagement and false restrictions. In life those who are brave enough to change or shift their mental energy gain the strength to act and think freely. The free and the brave are willing to try a new mindset based on happy feelings.

Finding Something to be Happy About

These are ideas for attracting an abundance of goodness into your everyday life:

• You deserve to live in state of happiness. There is joy and peace of mind in sharing your happiness, gifts and talents with the world.

• Being in an acceptance mode allows you to communicate peace with all individuals.

• What you think about or dwell on affects your mind space and behavior.

• An optimistic approach to life adds balance and hope to your spirit.

How to Live the Inspired Life

The certainties in life are just general details that offer an opportunity to progress or live in ignorance. The treat of better perception for yourself is an act of self-love. There is a reward for those who are brave enough to free their minds from fake appearances. The desire and choice to live a wondrous, inspired life is a decision. So why not go and find something in your heart to be happy about?