How to Lookup Car Owner by License Plate?

How to Lookup Car Owner by License Plate?

Often times due to various reasons a lot of people want to know about how to lookup car owner by license plate. One particular reason is hit and run cases. In some occasions, smoke belching, traffic misconduct and improper parking are other reasons why people want to know about this topic. Others on the other hand search for this out of curiosity. While it’s good to know that technology can provide you more information, always keep in mind that this is still a matter of privacy. For that reason, one must use the methods for the right reason. With that being said, here are some ways on how to determine a car owner through license plate search.

Online license plate search

Before conducting car owner search through license plate, you must have the complete plate number arranged correctly both numbers and letters. You should also note its registration sticker along with the state it’s registered. If you have all this information, your next step is to register in websites conducting investigatory services. Here are some reliable websites you can seek help.

  • – TLO is a growing company that specialized in research and investigatory work. They will not only provide you with the owner’s identity but with the vehicle model and color as well. But, of course they charge for their services.
  • – Another website you can search is the License Plate Lookup. Basically, they have DMV records of all states in the US. Thus, wherever you are, you can assure that this website can provide you with the details you need.
  • – Another website you can join is the official DMV website. As of 2010, they charge their clients $19.95 for one year subscription. However, keep in mind that laws regarding release of car owner’s identity vary per state. California for example will only release the VIN.

DMV branches in your locales

Another option you can do regarding how to lookup car owner by license plate is by going directly at any DMV branches. However, as mentioned earlier, depending on the state you live in, they may or may not give you the owner’s identity.

In doing this, you have to apply for a Request for Record Information. The INF 70 form should be filled-up. Along with that necessary requirements should be presented. Furthermore, each request is reviewed meticulously. Hence, only those with valid reasons would be honored.

Hiring a private investigator

Since in some states only the VIN is released, your last resort would be to hire a private investigator. You can either use online services or you can directly inquire at a private investigator’s office. The reason for this is because in some states, only private investigators are allowed to access these type private records. The downside is that this can be very expensive. Charges may vary from $80 to $200 per search depending on the company.


As you can observe these methods comes with a price. Nonetheless; if you’re seeking for answers on how to lookup car owner by license plate these methods are your best options.