How to lose weight and keep it off

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The bad eating habits and no fix working hours in today’s stressful world make you careless toward your health and growing weight and when you awake, you feel that the time has gone too fast and you are looking bad in shape. Besides, a growing weight can also pose health hazards and you may fall prey to many dreaded diseases like heart, diabetes and liver as well as several other fitness problems. Therefore, the early you awake to your gaining weight, the better it is for you.

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Though it is tough to manage the fitness problems, yet it is a must for the sake of your health. And only your positive attitude is helpful in your losing weight and keeping yourself fit. There is no way out and you have to commit yourself to manage your weight as well as health by drawing a plan through which you can lose your weight permanently and keep yourself fit.

To lose weight, you have to control your calories intake strictly and at the same time burn up your calories. It is the best way to control weight gain. In addition to it, to follow an exercise regime is a must to keep the muscles tight as, sometimes, calories loss make the muscles loosen instead of the fat. But you must be careful about the loss of the nutrients in your body which may be the result of calories loss and which may make your body malnourished.

For the ideal body weight, you have to determine your BMI or Body Mass Index. This would determine your ideal body weight. Then you should start the fitness programme and after planning your workouts, you should follow it strictly for sometime. Besides, you must have a positive attitude toward whatever you do in this direction of keeping you fit. These strengthen your attitude and determination toward your fitness.

When you feel hunger, have some fresh fruits and water. This will satisfy your instinct to have something. And the most important thing is that eat till you feel your hunger satisfied and no more than it. A better way is drink a glass of water before your meals as it will cover some space and spare you to full your stomach. No more fried food and the junk food as these contain oil or fat which are high in calories. Avoid chocolate and try to be a vegetarian. Eat six small meals in a day in place of three large meals. And don’t be a couch potato; instead be active, even for all your daily needs.

Running and jogging daily keeps you in shape and burn your extra calories .It is a great cardiovascular exercise which gives strength to your body muscles and tone it up. Jogging keeps the overall condition in a very good shape. And mentally it makes you relaxed and anxiety free. Jogging gives strength to your heart and respiratory system and increases your stamina. These are some essentials for keeping yourself fit and help you lead a very good life .

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How to lose weight and keep it off, Seekyt
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