News How to Lose Weight Get More Energy The Paleo...

How to Lose Weight Get More Energy The Paleo Diet


Fans of the Paleo Diet claim that the Paleo Diet is helping them lose weight and get energy levels through the roof. If you like the Nutrisystem diet, you’ll love the Paleo Diet. So, what is the Paleo Diet you ask? The Paleo Diet is a way of eating based on the way our prehistoric ancestors ate. Wait! I’m not talking about having your family go out to track down some wild beast, kill it, and drag it home for supper. I’m talking about meals that are made up of free-range poultry, fruits, vegetables, wild Salmon, grass fed meat, and a few raw nuts in moderation. Sounds pretty good, right? But weight loss and higher energy levels aren’t the Paelo Diet’s only claims to fame.

What Is A Paleoista?

How to Lose Weight Get More Energy The Paleo Diet

While many believe that the “cave mans” diet consisted primarily of hunks of meat, recent research says that their diets were fifty per cent meat and the remainder was plants and berries. Dr. Nell Stevenson, author of “Paleoista” modified that diet to a Paleo plate of ½ plate o

f fresh vegetables, the remainder equal amounts of local organic protein, fresh fruit, and a healthy portion of f

at from avocado, olive, and/or coconut oil. A “Paleoista”has been described as a woman that is feminine, and fit. If you want to be that woman the Paleo Diet may be the diet for you. It’s actually a great diet for the entire family.

The Best Way to Eat

How to Lose Weight Get More Energy The Paleo DietDr. Lauren Cordain, a leading researcher of evolutionary medicine claims that eating this way may also help stave off devastating diseases like high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. He believes this is possible because eating the way hunter-gather societies of the past ate is the best way to eat. Others believe this type of diet may help prevent cancer. His belief is based on Paleo recommended fruits and vegetables that are high in phytonutrients or phytochemicals.

Eat Your Vegetables

How to Lose Weight Get More Energy The Paleo Diet

“Phyto” is the Greek word for plant. Scientist say that foods that are rich in phytochemicals (fruits and vegetables) may help fight free radicals that damage our bodies at the cellular level and lead to various illnesses. The Paleo plate is loaded with this kinds of food. Dr Cordain also noted the high protein, low glycemic load make up of these meals. It’s also high in long chain Omega 3 fatty acid, which can help calm inflammation.

Doctors Orders

While this diet may sound like some other diets the difference is that all of its benefits come from each meal being a balanced, locally produced, food plan. The plan avoids inflammatory foods like dairy, grains, legumes, and refined sugars. Joint inflammation is what causes pain from diseases like Arthritis and Gout. That’s one of the reasons why Dr. Stevenson firmly believes that everything we eat should be fresh, locally produced food. Her advice is not to eat anything from a package or wrapper. Its proponents admit that eating 3 Paleo meals a day takes renewing your mindset. I mean dinner for breakfast everyday. Really!!? You also have to realize that this isn’t some fad diet. The Paleo Diet started centuries ago with our prehistoric ancestors. Your inheritance from them is weight loss and a big boost in your energy levels.

How to Lose Weight Get More Energy The Paleo Diet
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