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How To Lose Weight In the New Year

Christmas is the time of year when we all like to consume and eat large amounts of food and drink; mulled wine, chocolate and Christmas dinner, we just can’t help ourselves. When the New Year approaches nearly every single person considers trimming down for the start of the coming year. So if you have made a fitness resolution this New Year’s, make sure you are armed with the best fitness tips and tricks to shed all that festive weight.

There are many people who despite their desire and determination to lose weight in the New Year do not succeed. The reason they do not succeed is that these people do not have the necessary knowledge of the most efficient ways to lose the pounds. If you haven’t had much success in the past with your weight loss New Year’s resolutions, it is not because you are bad at exercising or because you are lazy, it is simply because you didn’t have a step by step guide on how to do it properly; you do now.

Take it Step by Step

There are many important aspects of a successful New Year’s attempt in dropping the pounds, and one of the most important factors you must consider is perhaps the first barrier that stands in your way to a fitness heaven; that is mental preparation. When undergoing a fitness regime you must be mentally, as well as physically, prepared. This is not because it is some daunting uphill battle (in fact it is quite the opposite as getting fit can be a positive and therapeutic experience) but because there will be times in which you will want to break your programme and eat a big slab of chocolate or drink a big nice bottle of pop; it’s okay you’re only human. It is important however that you stick to, and understand, the commitment you’re undertaking.

Secondly, I’d recommend that you set yourself realistic goals, it is nice to be positive and optimistic and I’d say be optimistic, but you must also be realistic. Both short term and long term, goals are vital to a successful fitness regime.

Self-motivation is a universal key to being healthy and fit. For some strange reason the worst foods for us are the ones that taste so good and you must be disciplined to your day to day eating and exercising habits. You can keep track of your progress with a food dairy and with an exercise schedule.

I know this next step is hard, believe me I know, eat mindfully. Read the labels of the foods you buy. Avoid E-numbers and saturated fats. Turn that packet of crisps into a bunch of grapes and replace that glass of wine with some highly nutritious milk.

Now remember, on 1st January you will not be the only person wanting to burn off all the festive treats that you devoured in the weeks prior to New Year’s Day, nearly everyone will be trying to get healthier. So don’t always go for it alone; seek help and support if you need if; friends, family, neighbours or gym partners. There is always someone in the same shoes as you.

Now finally, having a long term fitness plan may seem like a tasking endeavour and something you perhaps do not want to do as some people may just want to just lose any evidence of eating a great big Christmas meal. But no matter what you’re after having a long term fitness plan will benefit you massively. Not only will you look and feel great, you will master self-control and healthy discipline. (And next Christmas you can eat all the same foods and treats again and burn them off easier the January after)

Not enough? Are you looking for even more?

If, however, you are looking for a fitness regime that will not only trim large portions of Christmas food off but will rocket you into the shape of your life and keep you there, I recommend you look to join a gym, a gym that meets your satisfaction beyond all others. There are many gyms in Birmingham and its surrounding areas that will deliver this need to you in an affordable manner.

However if you’re looking for a great workout that combines all of these factors and lets you take control of your fitness alone and still achieve results as though you were in a specialist gym, I’d recommend Shaun T’s Insanity Workout; as the name suggests it really is insane, but will give you visible fitness improvements fast.

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