How to lose weight really really fast

Many people in the world want to lose weight. In society today we see skinny athletic people are the hottest and most popular. This makes a lot of us want to be the same. Losing weight is one of those good things people want. Whether you’re a guy or a girl I will help you achieve your goals ONLY if you decide to apply what I’m about to teach you. To lose weight you need proper training, nutrition, and recovery.
Every pound of body fat is 3500 calories. So if you do cardio 7 times a week and burn 500 calories each day, you can lose a steady 1lb of body fat per week. Of course people just starting off with excessive weight might experience more weight loss during the first few weeks of training. So if you REALLY want to lose weight, you will do 45 minutes of cardio twice daily. The first workout will be right before breakfast. The workout before breakfast will be on an empty stomach save water for hydration. The reason to do this before breakfast is that at night when you sleep your body uses a lot of the energy you consumed the last night so in the morning you’re depleted until you eat again.
When you workout low intensity cardio your body burns carbohydrates along with fat. What happens in the morning is that when you workout before breakfast, your body will barely have any carbohydrates to work with so it will go more towards your fat.
Nutrition. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. You’ve probably heard this many other places and it’s so true. Our bodies are 70% water so it is really important to stay hydrated. Watch everything you eat and if you eat too much junk food, limit it if you want to lose weight. And estimate how much calories you burn and consume each day. You should try to burn more calories than consume because it will force you to lose more weight. Proper recovery is vital. Every week you should increase the intensity of your workouts by 5%. The more progress you make the more your muscles will be forced to grow and the more fat you will be forced to lose.