Learn How to STOP Wasting Water


Put a stop to paying high water bills by learning how to lower your water bill,  Many people are not aware of the water that is going down the drain.  Once your learn how to not waste water your monthly water bill will be less and you will have more money.

Learn how to develop water conservation skills and set a goal to conserve water on a daily basis. Follow these five tips to learn how to stop wasting water.


Step 1:

Check your monthly water bill; circle the total water used in red, also circle the monthly costs. Write on the water bill your water reduction goal. This goal needs to be attainable; we would all like to lower our water bill by half in the first month, but this goal would be very difficult to achieve. Therefore it is better to set a goal to lower your water bill by 10% and you will more than likely stick with your water conservation because you will see positive results.

Step 2:
Post the water bill under a magnet on your refrigerator. This will be your daily reminder to watch your water usage.

Step 3
Gather your family meeting. Discuss ways to lower household water bill. Ask everyone to take step to use less water. By cutting back on bubble baths you will lower your water bill significantly and save money

Step 4
Inspect your home for water leaks. Start with the bathroom. Remove the toilet cover and check your flapper. Flush your toilet and watch the flapper make sure that it closes properly and that no water is leaking. If your toilet sounds like the water is running then this is a sign that the flapper needs to be replaced. Look at your water pipes in the basement, crawl space and attic. Run your hand over the pipes. By doing this, you are checking the pipes for condensation.

Step 5
Update your shower head by installing a water-efficient low water flow shower head. The shower head will save a gallon of water for every minute you are in the shower.

Suggest that all family members turn off the water when they are brushing their teeth. Instead of allowing, the water to go down the drain they should fill two 6oz cups with water. One cup is to wet and rinse your brush and the other is to rinse your mouth.

Take steps to cut down on water waste in the kitchen by filling a large bowl with water and then wash your produce off in the bowl. Recycle the water in the bowl by filling plastic milk cartons. Use this water to hydrate your plants.