How to Maintain a Healthy Cat?no



keep-healthy-on-one-gato¿Trajiste a new cat home?


Well, you just bring your home not only an animal but a member of your family.


For this reason, it is vital that you know everything you need about the care and how to keep it healthy.


Remember, a healthy pet is a happy pet in a happy family.


Below is a list of 12 things you should keep in mind to keep in good condition your cat:


CLEANING If your cat is longhaired should bathe regularly. You should also use a brush and groom him once a week.

DIET. The health of your cat will be strongly affected by what you eat your pet. Obesity is the cause of several diseases including heart problems. Pick a cat food that is appropriate for their age. Your cat should be fed regularly. Consistency is the key to maintaining a well-fed cat.

Older cats. If your cat is an adult you should be aware that because of reaching old age will start to have health problems. Most adult cats suffering from kidney problems and the view. It will be necessary to start a special diet for older adults.

SANDBOX. The litter box can be quite dangerous for the health of your cat and yours if not clean regularly. The sand should be changed at least every 4 days. You should keep a small baking dish near the litter box.

Scratching. This action can be a problem for your cat if you do too aware. Maybe your cat is having problems caused by fleas or allergies. So you must go to the vet.

Declawing. If someone has recommended you subject your cat to this type of surgery. You will get you the idea of the head. Are the consequences and problems that will have your cat can bring the benefits of their claws cut your pet.

Behavior problems. Many behavior problems of cats are related to a health problem. Usually, they are decaying cats when they are sick or tend to be aggressive when they have a hormonal imbalance.

STRESS. A cat can easily stress. Situations such as take a trip to a natural disaster, and even changes in the family can affect cat health. To minimize the effects of stress, you must buy a tranquilizer when you wear it to travel.

POISON. Make sure that any dangerous substance away from your pet. You should also keep away from plants that can be harmful to the health of your cat.

PARASITES. Parasites such as ringworm, heartworm and rabies can greatly affect cat health. If you find blood in your stool or feeding problems, These are common signs of parasites.

MOUTH. Usually, cats tend to suffer from diseases in your mouth that can affect your health. Cats are prone to gingivitis and bad breath. You should brush a cat’s teeth regularly.

INTERIOR EXTERIOR. One of the major factors that determine the health of a cat is if he leaves the house. Cars, children, other animals and dangerous toxins can be found outside the house. For this reason, you should accustom your cat to stay indoors.

How to look after your cat will determine their health status. E hope this article has provided enough to keep your cat healthy and happy information.

By: EsamPim