How to Maintain Your Eyesight and Keep Your Eyes Beautiful

Whatever the color or shape your eyes have they look beautiful if they are clear. The clear sight is always attractive and is a sign of good health both physical and mental. But in the modern environment and lifestyle our health is not really optimal and this also affects our eyesight.
Your eyes need a proper care and attention, but just a maintenance may be enough only for young people; others do have to take care of their eyes. Here are few tips on how to maintain good eyesight and keep your eyes clear. These tips will fit both young and old, and everyone will benefit from them.
1. Do not read in public transport or in low light. This is especially true for the texts with small letters. When you read at home or in the office with good lighting, keep the book at a distance of 30-35 cm from the eye. Needlework should be kept at the same distance.
2. If you sit at the computer, take your eyes off the screen and look out the window every 20-30 minutes. If your eyes are involved in a hard work, make brakes for blinking – this will reduce the eye fatigue and moisturize them. Do special exercises to improve your vision.
3. Your eyes can get quickly inflamed being exposed to a bright light. Wear sunglasses if the sun is blinding whatever the season is. If you wear vision correction glasses already, then get those with tinted lenses. If you have glaucoma, your sunglasses should be of a green color.
4. If your eyes aching, let them rest – just close your eyes and relax. Remember that even if you do your work the best way possible but ruin your health, it will be hard to restore it (if possible at all). If you feel a bad strain in your eyes, have a break for half an hour gazing at a distance and then closing your eyes, and repeating this again. This will help against nervous twitching eyelids which often caused by eye straining.
5. Eyestrain, lacrimation, eye irritation, and in the end – Conjunctivitis can be caused by dirty glasses, dirty car or window panes, dust particles in the air. In the smoke-filled, smoky and polluted areas the vascular system of the eyeball and optic nerve suffer greatly. Smoking is also harmful to your eyes: nicotine makes the eyeball yellow and the sight dull. Smoking may also cause premature appearance of fin wrinkles around the eyes.
These are the 5 tips to take care of your eyes. I can add here the contemplating of the natural green color (trees and grass), having enough rest and sleep, eating healthy foods and doing regular physical activity – all these things will allow you to maintain your eyes in a good condition and to restore the eyesight to some extent.