How I made $150 Month with Blogger

I have been writing online and making good money since 2010, but I never tired to make money from blogger or blogspot. I have handful of niche blogs and writing for hubpages, infobarrel and other top revenue sharing sites. Recently while talking with my wife she told me that she also wanted to be IM like me 🙂 so she wanted to start her own blog. I advice her to start with some free blogging platform like blogger,blogspot or wordpress.
I have done initial keyword research for her and found good 4 word keyword with 2600 exact monthly search, another keyword with 2251 exact searches. Now she registered as below


The competition analysis from market samurai is very promising, I guess she can rank well on these two. I also promised her that I will spend totally $50 for her to start up with IM, so I decided to implement a stealth back linking strategy to go 1st page on google (I will tell that soon).
Get the niche site blogspot indexed fast
After the niche site registration with blogger immediately she has done manual book mark to following sites for fast indexing
1. Digg
2. Folkd
3. oneview
4. reddit
Using this technique believe me most of my niche sites indexed by Google in 24 hrs, as so her BlogSpot blogs indexed by Google within 24 hrs.

My back linking strategy that never fails

I always believe on slow and steady back links, rather very aggressive back link building. I guided her to manually submit original 400 articles to following article directories , my tips to all of you is always submit more than 300 word article to article directories, because from my various testing I learned articles with more words actually carry more weight in terms of back links.
1. ezinearticles
2. buzzle
3. articledashboard
4. articlesbase
These tasks took her almost 1 week to complete, so far 2 of the sites indexed and got good back links from high pr sites.
The magical link wheel
Most of you already here about link wheels, if not then look out following picture

link wheel
Mind below things while building link wheels
• never close your link wheels
• use only original article
• use variation in anchors
• link randomly
• never create link wheels in same day
Usually I prefer to use link wheel when I target high competitive keyword, here merely I use link wheel because my wife has time to put forward and I want her to see her ranking high. I usually use following sites to build link wheels, happy to share with you guys
These tasks took her another 4 days for her to complete, how I guess her BlogSpot niche sites having good amount of back links from authority sites.
After the link wheels build, I immediately noticed both of the blogspot niche sites are ranked well in google as below
Keyword1. – positions 35 in Google – positions 29 in Google
I know some google dance is going on, so never care about anything now. I asked her to stop working on backlinks, and installed good looking plain blogspot theme with Adsense on below the header and before footer and then side bar skyscraper.
All in one assault to take the niche sites to no 1 – here we go
For any keyword the first 10 pages ranked in google having backlinks less than 20, then definitely you can rank, I also prefer yahoo answers and you tube kind of “big” sites in page 1, because they are ranking with no or little backlinks, big boys are ranking because of their domain authority, we can easily out rank them with proper backlinks.
I took list the backlinks for my wife’s 2 niche sites, it’s totally 10 X2 = 20, I usually outsource my most of the backlink building works since its too bore and painful to me (though I am making nice money every month, so not problem to outsource and paying them) .

For her backlinks from articles directories, I outsourced to my service provider to dirp feed 25 articles via Unique Article Wizard every day, so 8 of the articles will get backlinks of 25 each every day for at least 20 days, for link wheel spokes web 2.0 sites I asked another service provider to drip feed spinned articles everyday from Article Ranks blog network , it goes like 20 to 25 articles each day. That’s it
The results:

My wife was able to rank well in google with her 2 BlogSpot niche sites, as of today she is no 1 for both the keywords and receiving additional traffic from cousin keywords as well. Remember I spend $50 as a investment to her to outsource back links, more over I followed very strcuctured back link strategy , both the sites in combining getting 350 visitors and making $5 average every day, of course its $150 average per month.


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