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How to Make $40 Dollars an Hour – Quick Guide to Easy Money

Making 40 dollars an hour is easier than you think. I am going to tell you in 1000 words or less how you can start making 40 dollars an hour cash in as little as two or three days from reading this article.
The easiest way to make money is to do things that other people do not want to do or just don’t know how to do. You have talents that others do not possess.
Service work will always be needed because people are either too busy, to lazy, just don’t have a clue how to do it or basically just don’t want to because they think there time is too valuable to be doing mundane tasks around their home. This is great for you because now that I have told you that service workers are highly desirable by home owners you can take a few minutes and think about the things you do well around your home. Get a piece of paper and pen and write down those things. Once you have a list you now have the tasks you can perform for others for $40 dollars an hour.
You might be good at cleaning indoors or cleaning up a yard or maybe you are great at fixing plumbing problems like leaking taps and toilets that keep running. Maybe you just painted a room in your house and you did an excellent job, well that means you are a great painter and you can easily charge forty an hour to paint for someone. When it comes to making money working around the house the list of things you can do, can be a very long one. Decide on the jobs you are willing to do and start looking for people who need your services.
State your hourly rate when advertising. People who are hunting for good people to do work in their homes will jump at paying someone 40 an hour. It might sound like a lot to you but it really isn’t. A plumber can charge as much as $175 just to fix a leaking kitchen faucet and all the plumber did was change out some rubber washers or used a $10 replacement kit for your repair.
Of course you do not have to charge by the hour, you can give a quote before you even perform the job. If you do start giving quotes make sure to try to figure out how many hours the job will take you and use your 40 an hour rate for that calculation. Also you will want to add in the cost of any materials you will be using. You might even want to add in the time it takes you to pick up materials, if it takes you an hour to go get the parts then add forty dollars just for that.
To find the work use word of mouth and start telling people what you are doing. Get some business cards printed up and take advantage of free classified websites on the internet to advertise your services. You might find some tire kickers on those sites just checking for prices and if you post your hourly rate hopefully you will narrow down the amount of tire kickers contacting you.
Lastly if you find $40 is not quite enough and you think you can charge more for your services then go ahead and start charging your new rate when the time is right. You need to get paid what you deserve for your work just as much as the customer needs to get a good as job as possible for the 40 an hour they are paying you.
Whether you need to work as your main income or are trying to think of a way to make some extra income as a 2nd job this will work for you and anyone else who is willing to give it a try.
So this is how you can make forty dollars an hour in no time at all. How to Make 40 dollars an hour - This is Your Money Tree

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