How to Make a Bridal Shower Special

Bridal Shower Tips

The wedding is fast approaching and you have decided to host a shower for the bride. You want this shower to resonate with the guests as a special event with memories to last a lifetime. It does not take a huge roll of cash to make the shower special. Try these tips to make the shower special and personal for your guests and the bride.

Decorate for the Bride

  • Use the bride’s colors in variation throughout the location.
  • Flowers from craft or dollar stores and the local department store are inexpensive.
  • Make a banner out of materials and colors that match the theme of the shower.
  • Hit the online stores for inexpensive tulle, burlap or paper decorations.
  • Paper doilies and napkins spread or placed under glasses, food plates or centerpieces work to spread the color.

Pictures Connect Past to Present Memories

  • A picture of the bride’s mom as a bride in an antique frame set among the decorations gives a family connection from mom to daughter.
  • A collage displayed of pictures of the bride growing up, her longtime friends or bridesmaids in candid pictures with the bride-to-be make cute connections and another special touch.

Games connect the guests to the bride-to-be.

  • Do a search of fun bridal shower games and print the cute ones on colored paper.
  • If a game needs special items to play, ask the guests to bring an item.
  • Take action shots of the games to put in the bride’s memory book.
  • Hit the clearance aisle, gadget bins and beauty section for some fun prizes for your guests.

Special touches make the shower unique for the Bride-to-be

  • Dress up the Bride-to-be chair to make her feel special.
  • Have each guest bring a recipe, gadget or picture uniquely for the bride-to-be.

Bridal Shower food is fun and yummy for the guests.

  • Finger foods are perfect for a casual engaging shower.
  • Serve drink choices, such as tea, punch, coffee, lemonade, play with colors and flavors.
  • Cupcakes make excellent individual deserts for guests to eat now or take home.
  • A sweet table is ideal to place decorative candies, dipped fruits and pretzels.

Party favors are a special thank you for guests.

  • Make a facial scrub in personalized jars with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date.
  • Cookies or lollipops on a stick for each guest are great ‘thank you’ items.
  • A terracotta pot with a pretty flower is a flavor to enjoy for long after the shower.

Anticipation for the wedding.

At the end of your shower, your guests will be smiling, full and carrying home memories and a token of appreciation. A great shower sets the stage for the coming wedding and builds anticipation. The Bride to be carries home gifts, love and encouragement. A shower is more than gift giving, it is a group of women, family and friends, coming together to dote on and surround the Bride to be in a day just for her.