How To Make a Bubble Gum Machine Children’s Halloween Costume

When you are searching for Halloween costume ideas, especially for children this holiday season, you may wish to consider a do it yourself Halloween costume. Making this kids Halloween costume is fun and easy and kids of all ages will find it charmingly sweet.

Bubble Gum Halloween

One really cute idea is that of making a Bubble Gum Machine Halloween costume. These are really adorable and fun costumes that are simple to make. Here are the things you will need to make your children’s Halloween costume.

imageGum Ball Machine with 5 lbs of Gumballs, Large Machine, 1 count


– A pair of red stocking to complete the appearance of a real bubble gum machine or your favorite color stockings or panty hose

– A pair of red leotards or tee shirt and shorts or even jogging pants if it is a cold evening

– A pair of black or red shoes to match the rest of this special Halloween costume

– A Bubble Gum Machine Hat or Headpiece you can make yourself

bubble gum machine childrens Halloween costume

– At least two packs of colorful round latex balloons. blow up half of them yourself and then have the other half filled with helium to create an unusual special effect of moving bubble gum balls.

image9-inch Qualatex Balloons, Standard Assorted


– One large clear plastic garbage bag to create the Bubble Gum Machine container.

– Duct tape for fastening the bottom edge of the plastic bag

bubble gum machine Halloween costume balloons

Bubble Gum Machine Hat or Headpiece Supplies and Directions

– Construction paper of red or matching clothing colors and others

– Glue for creating the bubble gum machines words and numbers

– Colorful Markers may be useful rather than gluing, use what you have on hand

– Elastic String for fastening on the sides of the hat or headpiece using staples

You can construct your own bubble gum machine hat or headpiece using construction paper of red or the matching favorite color of your clothing for this costume. Either cut and glue the words “Bubble Gum Machine” “5 cents” onto the construction paper you measure out in a rectangular shape. Or perhaps, you would like to use colorful markers to draw and color the words onto the construction paper hat or headpiece. After creating your headpiece you will measure and cut the proper amount of elastic string and then fasten this at both ends to the opposite sides of the rectangular hat or headpiece. This elastic string will help keep the hat in place by securing it behind the head or under the chin, which ever is the most comfortable.

bubble gum machine-balloons

Bubble Gum Machine Container Directions

To create your Bubble Gum Machine container part of this children’s Halloween costume you will use your clear plastic garbage bag to make a container for holding your colorfully filled latex balloons which represent the bubble gum balls of your bubble gum machine Halloween costume.

You should always measure before cutting, however, you will cut a hole at the top for the head and two holes on opposite sides of the plastic bag for the arms. Placing the plastic bag on as if a long shirt or dress you will need to use some of the duct tape to tape to the now bottom of the bag where you will gather it to make a balloon shape. Lay the tape out and then gather the edges of the bag and place them onto the tape, you can turn the tape as you go to make a binding.

imageFancy-Fun Tutus


Do not totally close the bag, you want to be able to gather it up for the container effect as well as be able to fill it with the body and the bubble gum latex balloon balls. You may be able to find red duct tape to match the rest of the outfit, if so simple continue gathering and taping after you slip the plastic bag over the child. You want to secure it where the balloons do not readily fall out yet loose enough that the balloon container can be lifted up for potty breaks. If you are using silver duct tape you can do the same or tuck the binding under.

Simply dress the child in the colorful matching clothing and shoes, slip on and fill the plastic container with the balloons, secure with duct tape and then top with the matching bubble gum machine hat or headpiece and he or she is ready for one sweet Halloween whether he or she is out Trick or Treating or enjoying a Halloween party!