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How To Make A Child Friendly Pumpkin Pie!

This is a pumpkin pie so easy to make that it’s Child Friendly as well. The recipe comes because children love to get involved in Halloween activities, particularly the sweet part. Children get treats and there can be an extra amount of fun with them staying inside and creating some simple, delicious treats or their own, besides the delicious Taffy Apples! Here is a favorite which is very appropriate for the time of the year. With your supervision of younger ones this can easily be achieved. As your child gets older, it will be one of their ‘specialties’! Bear in mind that this recipe requires no additional sugar because of the sugar content in the Milnot or Eagle Brand Milk. These milks are pre-sweetened.

Pumpkin Pie Hot (with Flash) by joebeone

This is what you will need:

Sweetened condensed milk such as Eagle Brand or Milnot, 1 can of Canned Pumpkin Pie Mix or Fresh Pumpkin meat, 2 Eggs, 2 Teaspoons of Pumpkin Spice, 6 Teaspoons of Butter (Light) Tablespoon of Vanilla Flavor, 9 ‘ Graham Cracker Crust, or make your own Ginger Snap Crust (preferable) Chocolate cream or chips (optional) *See below for Ginger Snap Crust Recipe!

That Time of the Year again by Johan Larsoon

Actually this recipe can be achieved and is recommended for a Blender. If not, it is perfectly fine to use a bowl and a hand mixture:

This is how you prepare it:

Combine 1 can of Milnot Milk or Eagle Brand Milk (Sweetened)

Add 1 Can of Pumpkin Pie Mix

Add 2 Eggs

Eggs by John-Morgan

Add Pumpkin Spice

Add Vanilla Extract

Blend in Blender thoroughly or beat with Hand Mixer until well-blended

Land O Lakes Light Butter label by Ilovebutter

Poor in to Pie Crust and bake on 350 Degrees for approximately 15 minutes

Top with Hershey’s Chocolate chips or add Small Dollops of Chocolate for funny face/designs!


Depending on the size of the Ginger Snap/Cookies, use enough for the same consistency of a graham cracker crust

Granulate cookies/snaps with a rolling pin or add to a Blender until cookies are semi-fine (use your judgement until you get the consistency you desire)

Add 6 Teaspoons of softened butter to the cookie granules

Knead until soft enough to add to lightly oiled pan

Add to 9′ Pan and form into an even crust

Add filling and let bake as instructed. Enjoy!

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