How to make a dessert shooter everyone will love

Learn how to make a dessert shooter everyone will love and you’ll have happy dinner guests!

Picture this – you’ve just served a delicious dinner but it was a bit heavy and rich. Perhaps it was a crown roast surrounded by succulent potatoes, homemade bread and rich red wine. Such a dinner might leave you thinking what to serve for a light dessert; something just right to satisfy a sweet tooth but not too heavy to overload your guests’ already full bellies. Enter the dessert shooter!

Dessert shooters, also known as mini desserts, are all the craze in restaurants today. With the population becoming more conscious of expanding waistlines and the correlation to heart disease, serving smaller portions of dinner and dessert is in order. And, there’s no tastier or smaller way to serve just the right dessert than to create a mini dessert, aka a dessert shooter.

Any dessert you can think of can become a dessert shooter if you use your imagination. Below are just the basics that you will need to start on your journey of presenting just the perfect mini dessert: These dessert shooters also make a very pretty presentation when served in small shot glasses.

  1. Part of the fun of creating dessert shooters is to find just the right glass. For the smallest desserts, use a 2 ounce shot glass. For a bit larger dessert taste, choose up to a 4 ounce parfait glass. Any type of glass will do actually as the perfect serving implement for a dessert shooter so get creative. Small jelly jars make adorable dessert shooter glasses for an outdoor picnic.
  2. Your next step is to calculate how many dessert shooters you will be serving. Figure that each guest will probably try 2 or possibly 3 mini desserts, especially if you serve different types. And, as you’ll see below, it’s quite easy to mix up 3 or 4 different type of dessert shooters. If you’re serving just 1 ounce mini desserts, figure 3 or 4 dessert shooters per person.
  3. Now that you have an idea of how many mini desserts you need and have the glasses ready to go, get going on gathering your ingredients and putting together your dessert shooters. The below are just a few easy ideas to get you started.
  • Make a dessert shooter sundae. For a simple dessert shooter sundae, add a bit of crushed cookie to the bottom of the mini dessert glass, top with just a few tablespoons of good quality chocolate or vanilla ice cream, add some chocolate sauce, a dob of freshly whipped cream and top with a fresh raspberry or any delicious dessert shooter topping you choose.
  • Make orange cheesecake dessert shooters with Jello brand no-bake cheesecake mix Add some graham cracker crumbs to the bottom of the dessert shooter glass. Top with some pre-made jello brand no-bake cheesecake and a splash of Grand Marnier (for the adults). Add two layers. Top with whipped cream and just a bit of orange zest for the perfect zip!
  • For an even lighter dessert shooter, try a gelato or sorbet mini dessert. Add a few bits of cubed pound cake or sponge cake to the bottom of a mini dessert glass. Top with a light sorbet or gelato and a bit more pound cake. Garnish with a mint leaf and a few crunchy dessert shooter toppings or some chocolate shavings.

As you can see, with a little creativity, you can become the talk of the town by topping off your delicious dinner with just the right dessert shooters. What are you waiting for? Get going!