How to Make a Gothic Garden

Gardening can be fun and if you are used to having bright colorful blooms you may have not thought of turning your plants into a mysterious variety of black flowers.

I was surprised as well but soon became intrigued by the thought.

How it works is that you want to find all types of black foilage in deep dark purple or sinister near black hue.

Gothic gardens are very trendy and you can make your own easily at home.

First you will need to know which black annuals, perennials, bulbs, and shrubs to buy.

How to pick the right plant for your twilight garden

Did you know you can have pansies, orchids, and tulips in burgundy, brown and maroon for your theme garden?

You will need a designated area for your nocturnal outdoor landscape shrubs which includes night-friendly plant varieties.

Types of plants for your moonlit garden can range from small to large depending on the groups.

Here is an example of Black Tulips, Black Iris, Purple Fountain Grass, Black Hollyhocks, Black Lily, Heuchera Plant With Dark Foliage and a Black Rose.

To see more black flower pictures check out this gallery: Black Flowers and Foliage

Check for climate changes before planting

Not all dark colored plants thrive in climates that are too cold or too hot, so make sure that your outdoor atmosphere is a good match for your choosen garden design idea.

You will notice that Black Hollyhocks and Morning Glories prefer full sun while Black Nemophilia and Bowles Black Viola Flower prefer partial shade.

Dark Plants add Mystry to Your Garden Design

My favorite are black carnations and they add a exotic design to any room, make sure to keep them in plenty of water for best results.

Adding a Black Forest Lilly to your garden will enhance the other dark plants on display and the best part is you can bring them indoors for those special social gatherings at your house.