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How to Make a Raised Garden Box

Gardening is one of the most relaxing and most soothing hobbies one could have. Especially if you have a neat garden in your back yard this cool time-killer is something interesting, creative and eco-friendly to do. But if you’re reading this, I probably don’t need to say anything more about gardening – you already know it’s oh so hip and cool.
Depending on where you’re situating your little piece of heaven, and how you want to arrange it, different things might come in handy. If you want to alleviate your garden a little bit and give it maybe even a layered, tiered look, you might have thought about purchasing some raised garden boxes. But why purchase when they are so easy to make at home? Don’t know how? Well, I’m going to take you through it.



It’s best to make the box out of cedar wood – it is rot resistant and has a nice clean look to it. Depending on how large your boxes need to be, you should get enough wooden planks in the appropriate measures. What you will also need are exterior screws, for which the size depends on the scale of the box you will be making, a 10-inch compound sliding miter saw and a lithium drill.

Getting Down to Work

What you could also do is cut your boards at your carpenter or at your local home depot, but if you prefer you could also cut them yourself (I always keep my trusted Makita toolset by my side for such tasks). Cut your boards into 6-foot and 4-foot pieces, and then cut the 6-foot boards into smaller 3-foot sections. Take an 8-foot board and create 3-inch wide and 15-inch long strips.
Once you have your boards cut up, lay the 6-footers next to each other, place a 15-inch piece on each side and screw it tight to the footers you have previously laid down. It is best to pre-drill your holes for all six footers to avoid a mess. Now grab your 6-foot sections and your 3-foot sections, put the 3-foot sections up to the 6 foot sections, overlap a 15-inch section by placing it on one corner. It’s best to screw it down using a zig-zag motion for a stronger hold. Repeat this process for the other side as well, as well as for the top.

Family Activity

This project is really easy and something that you can do with your husband or kids and truly enjoy in all of its benefits. These boxes look great put against a fence line. Not only can you put them in your back yard but they would also be a great decoration in front of your house. What you could also do is paint the cedar if you would like a more colorful look.
Take on this fun venture with your whole family- of course the kids won’t be allowed to play with the saws, but once you finish building, let them express their creative side and paint it for you! You will be left with a custom made design to store your favorite flowers. Who knows, maybe this will get your kids to help you with gardening.

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