How to make gin soaked raisins

Learning how to make gin soaked raisins may just be the first step in eliminating your creaks and groans associated with arthritis pain. Although a bit off the wall, this old folk remedy (I didn’t mean ‘old folk’ as in old people but ‘old’ folk as in back-in-the-day; oh, never mind!)…as I was saying before digressed, gin soaked raisins are a folk remedy for arthritis pain. There’s nothing saying that it’s not worth a try to see if gin soaked raisins will work for you. Note: if you have or have ever had a problem with alcohol, obviously, gin soaked raisins aren’t for you – stick with the Tylenol bottle.

Legend says that eating just nine (not eight or ten, but nine) gin soaked raisins will relieve arthritis pain. Of course, that’s considering that you can still count after eating a few of these potent raisins. I mean, these things are potent!

To make gin soaked raisins, you will need:

  • A box of golden raisins – yes, golden raisins. For some reason, regular dark raisins just aren’t in the cards for gin soaked raisins.
  • A bottle of the best gin you can afford. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Of course you can use cheap gin but life is too short to drink (um, eat) cheap gin soaked raisins.
  • A container with a tight lid.

Once you’ve gathered your ingredients, follow the below steps to mix up your own batch of gin soaked raisins:

  1. Open the box of golden raisins. Pour about half of the box of raisins into the container.
  2. Cover the golden raisins with gin and then add about ½” more. The gin will not only get soaked up into the golden raisins but will also evaporate (sadly) so you might even need to add more gin as the raisins seep.
  3. Cover the container with the air tight lid and leave alone for at least two weeks. This is the most difficult part – do not be tempted to try them until they’re properly seeped in the gin. Don’t let them call to you like they do to me. Ignore them. In fact, put them on the top shelf of a pantry or something. Out of sight, out of mind (not for me but maybe you’re stronger emotionally than I am….)
  4. After two weeks, eat exactly nine gin soaked raisins a day. Give it at least a month before you decide if this folk remedy is for you or not. For me, I noticed a slight difference but mostly right after I ate them as I no longer cared about my arthritis pain!!