How to make good decisions?

How to make good decisions?

good decisions

Every minute of our lives is defined by the choices we consciously or unconsciously. These can change our careers, our relationships, and our whole life. Even to not choose, we are deciding. Unfortunately, there is no manual to be able to go to the correct answer,

then how to make good decisions?

Learn to make decisions
Making good decisions is one of the most important and difficult lessons from anyone. This is because any situation where you had to choose can have great consequences in the future, even if you no longer remember or see it as unimportant. It is, therefore, vital to have a methodology to choose quickly and efficiently.

The future is determined by small choices
We tend to think that our life is defined by the big decisions we make. For example, you think if you marry the person who appears to be the love of your life you will be happy. However, he or she can be a violent partner and you had not noticed. All goes well, until one day it makes you feel superior to you. This is a moment that can define the rest of your relationship and life together. You can choose to ignore and take the first step to a relationship where violence reigns and explain that you will not accept this behavior.

As you can tell, you must put aside your feelings, preconceived ideas and decide how to proceed. Once you begin to eliminate what does not help you decide, you are freer to choose.

The step of making decisions
Every day we make decisions that do not need a methodology, for example, shopping at the supermarket. But for those more complex decisions you can follow these steps.

– Think about the decision you must make.

– Find the two most important options you can take. Generally yes and no, and we are finding many opportunities within each.

– Analyze advantages and disadvantages of each option. What if you do something? What if you do not? Remember not take by fear or excessive illusions. I keep it real.

– Identify the advantages and disadvantages that you are more willing to take. You know what may or may not happen, you identify risks you can tolerate and the advantages more pleasing you.

– Acts accordingly. Now that you know what you can or can not accept the decision and know that it is good for you, it is time to carry it out.

Take responsibility for your decisions
The process of which I spoke above is a guide, so you can adapt it as much as you want. wherever 1 day you realize you made an incorrect decision, do not blame yourself and take the responsibility. Remember that no decision is entirely correct and there is no way to predict its exact consequences.