How to Make “Halo Halo”

“Halo-halo” is a popular Philippine snack made of shaved ice and sweet ingredients. It’s similar to the Korean “papingsu,” but “halo-halo” has more ingredients. In this article, I’ll teach you how to make “halo-halo.” Trust me, it’s very easy.

“Halo-halo” comes from the Tagalog word “halo,” which means “to mix.” Therefore, the name literally means “mix-mix.” And based on what the name implies, to make this snack, all you have to do is to “mix” your ingredients together.

You can impress your guests by giving them this unique sweet snacks. Here are the steps in making “halo-halo.”

1. First, prepare your ingredients.

These are the usual ingredients of this Philippine snack: sweetened beans, jelly (gulaman), sweetened banana, sweetened sweet potato, sago or tapioca balls, leche flan, and other sweetened or preserved fruits. You can make these on your own, or buy them at your local grocery store.

2. Shave some ice.

If you don’t have a shaver, you can use your osterizer or blender. Make sure that the ice is smooth.

3. Put all your ingredients in a bowl, mug, or glass. In the Philippines, we prefer to use a tall glass.

4. Put some evaporated milk and then white sugar.

5. Top it off with leche flan or a scoop of ice cream.

6. Enjoy!

“Halo-halo” is enjoyed as a sweet snack during the summer. But a lot of fast food stores like Chowking serve this snack all-year round. So if you’re craving for some delicious snack, go to any of their branches and order a regular or even a large size.

You can even start a business with this snack. My aunt told me that my grandmother started her grocery business by selling halo-halo. You can also use this to teach your kids the value of hard work and money, and to teach them how business is done. When I was little, me and my cousin would get in touch with our entrepreneur self and sell halo-halo when school was out. We made money to buy whatever we were saving for.

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