How to Make Kitchen Pot Scrubbers Ideas – Crochet Scrubber Ideas as well

Making your own kitchen pot scrubber whether you make a crochet pot scrubber or use another material to make up your own kind of pot and dish scrubber you can save some money by doing this plus it’s just fun to create something that you can actually use yourself. Typically when you buy material to make kitchen pot scrubbers you will end up buying enough material to make one pot scrubber but there is always enough to make more than one as you usually cannot buy materials like netting fabric or nylon mesh in small enough amounts to just make one scrubber.

The positive twist on having too much material is that you can make one or to kitchen scrubbers for family or friends. The reason you will make someone else a pot scrubber is that the one you make for yourself will last so long that you won’t want to keep the extra material sitting around waiting for the day you will need a new scrubber.


By using a nylon mesh or plastic mesh material you will be able to bunch up and stitch up a nylon scrubber or plastic scrubber quite easily. You can also use a netting fabric which is basically the same as the nylon mesh material I suggested already. Some crafty crafters will suggest you use tooth floss to tie together nylon and netting fabrics to make a nylon scrubber for your kitchen but you can actually purchase a nylon or plastic string to use that is the same material as the mesh you purchased. That way everything looks the same and the threading you use to tie everything together will all blend together and look more like a commercially made product rather than a craft you did up yourself. Although there is nothing wrong with the kitchen pot scrubber looking like it was a craft. Either way looks great.

If you know how to crotchet then maybe you are interested in trying your hand a using a crotchet pot scrubber pattern to make your own crotchet pot scrubbers. You can find many crotchet pot scrubber patterns for free online. is a great site with a very helpful community that are more than happy to help you find the crotchet pattern that will work for you for a crotchet kitchen pot scrubber. If you don’t know how to crotchet but are interested in learning they will even show you how to crotchet pot scrubbers.

So you can see that whether you want to make a nylon mesh kitchen pot scrubber or a crotchet kitchen pot scrubber the internet has all the crotchet patterns you need or designs for the plastic scrubber. Either choice will last you a very long time because both materials are very durable. If you just want to be crafty or are trying to save some money or maybe both making your own kitchen pot scrubbers save you money in the long run and will help to satisfy your crafting needs. So what will it be will you learn to make nylon kitchen pot scrubbers or will you learn how to make crotchet kitchen pot scrubbers?