How to Make Mom Happy for the Holidays

Mom is the hub of most families. She is the glue that can either tie a family together, or deteriorate any connection at all. During the holidays, Mom is the one that the family should consider when they are going through their holiday event planning.


Call Me?

Mom wants to be remembered, and if you have any love for her, you will call her — FIRST. After all, she gave you the life that you breathe every day. She washed your face, and changed your diapers. She fed you and kissed your bloody knees to make them feel better. The least that you can do is put her first. She does not want to replace your new life and new loves but she should still be at the top of the call list.


If you are visiting Mom’s home for the holidays, be sure you do your part to help out. She may be making the ultimate holiday dinner that you will enjoy for the next two days, but she will not ask you to lend a hand by washing up some dishes. It is your job, as her children, to remember how hard it is to cook all that food and get up after dinner and wash them without being asked. Remember that initiative is an appreciated trait.

Your Children

Grandchildren are a joy. They are happy, they giggle, and they run around. This can be pleasant for an hour or two but then they should be settled down on occasion. Offer to read them a book, take them to the park, or watch a children’s movie with them. Even if the children are not yours, it is nice for them to have adult attention but not at the expense of Mom’s last nerve.

The Kitchen

Not only are there dishes in that kitchen that need to be washed, but most conversation in the family home revolves around that big old wooden table. Mom should be given the top spot at the table: the matriarch should sit at the head. She should not be given any chores to do, and she should be listened to with respect. Of course you do not have to agree with everything she says, after all, you have grown up and can have your own opinion. You should not argue, however. If you cannot meet in the middle just let it go and let Mom have her way. It will keep the peace and keep her happy.

Sleeping Arrangements

You have come to visit and you want a place to stay. Mom is likely happy to put you up for a day or two but if you came loaded with children you may want to give her house a break in the evenings by renting a motel room for the night. If you cannot do that, or Mom insists that you stay with her, be sure you come equipped to handle any situation. Bring your own blankets and pillows too help you out during the nightly rest in her home.


No matter how old you get, if you visit Mom, it should be all about her. You should ensure that she becomes the first thing on your mind. Of course don’t forget or neglect your own family in the process but be sure to let your mom know how much you appreciate her giving you life, and giving you a place to go to every holiday season.