How To Make Money and Sell Online With Amazon Affiliate

Looking for way to start your eCommerce businesses online on but don’t know how? Searching way to learn how to sell online stuff and make money with Amazon associate program? Then you come into right place, where here share with you how to setting up account to sell product online on is a online marketplace platform where allow people to post potential selling items online such as books, clothes , toys, software, electronic stuff and more. Buyers that interested can browse through the products that want to buy then choose the items of suit with their price. It a great way to make money online and your have globalization customers, you definitely can make more money compare with local yard sale.

Amazon vs eBay – Why Choose Amazon?

When talking about selling stuff online, most of people thinking eBay is the best place to be but actually this is NOT the case. eBay is no more the best selling online website and long losing credibility to Amazon when selling products online. With their increasingly tightening rules and their bad habit of banning people for no reason, sellers are getting extremely frustrated.

Captured Statement from Business Insider website:

We surveyed 13 eBay PowerSellers about current eCommerce trends. The results suggest online retail was strong in 4Q’09, with total holiday sales up an average of 25% among all respondents. However, the results also point to eBay continuing to lose share to Amazon and other channels.

How To Sell Own Product On Amazon

Open and setting up an eStore is quiet simple and it take about 30 minutes to make it running online. Once operated, you can get paid monthly for any products that selling in Amazon. Follow below steps and learn how to start your own online home base business today on

Step by Step on How To Selling Stuff Online on

ou will then be taken to the ‘Sell Your Stuff and make money – it’s that easy’ page. This is where they tell you that you can ‘Earn cash by selling your pre-owned items on It’s easy, it’s fast, and it doesn’t cost you a penny until your item sells’

  1. Firstly, you need to login to then scroll down until the bottom of the home page then on the left hand side you goto ‘ Selling on Amazon‘ then click on ‘Sell Your Stuff’. Read through the rules and TOS for Sell Professionally and Sell Your stuff.For normal user, you can select ‘Sell Your Stuff’.
  2. Then, you come to ‘Sell Your Stuff and make money page‘. On this page, you’ll need to select what kind of products that you plan to sell on You can find a combo box where will list of total of 18 categories of books, electronic stuff, sports, video, DVD, software and more.
  3. Search items that you wish to sell by insert relevant title or keywords in their market place then press on the ‘Start Selling‘ button. Now, it will list out all those products relevant with your inserted keyword phrases. Once you decided which exact item that you plan to sell,click to the right on the ‘Sell Yours Here’ button.
  4. Now, you need to verify the item that you’re selling. You need to select the condition of that product whether is new, used- Like new or collectible. You can even can add in comment of the condition of those item. Once completed, you click on the ‘Continue‘ buttons for next step.
  5. Next, you need to insert the price for your product, quantity information, your location and choose shipping method.There are 2 different shipping method to chose from: ‘Ship item myself to customer’ or ‘Amazon to ship and provide customer service for my items if they sell’. If you select ship item myself to customer, there are 2 different method to choose either standard mode (4 – 14 days -$3.99 shipping credit) or expedite mode (2-6 days – $6.99 shipping credit).
  6. Once you have completed this you will be taken to the sign-in page. If you have an account, you will sign into it here, or you can create one. Follow the prompts.
  7. Once you are ready, click on the ‘Submit your Listing‘ button at the bottom of the page and your item will be listed in the Marketplace. If any sale happen, Amazon will send you a email alert.

If you need more advice and tips on how to sell products on Amazon, is advisable that you get yourself a professional guide that can help you make money online with Amazon and start up your very own home base online business today. Still not enough? Click on here to know more detail on Top 4 ways to Earn Money With Amazon Associates Program