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How to make money at – Review


If you are new to seekyt, then start earning money for your articles by writing here.

Earlier we have discussed about a site called webanswers where the users make money for their questions and answers. Here , I am going to discuss one similar site called This is another revenue sharing site that shares adsense revenue. Want to earn those extra adsense bucks? Check the entire review and start your journey. Let us discuss about the revenue sharing details.

1. Only 10% of the impressions are taken away by the admin which tells their intention of moving the site to the peaks. Hence allowing the users earn a maximum portion of adsense.

2. 10% to all those who answer that particular thread.

3. 10% is given for the person who asks that particular question. The site is new and the library is less. Hence you can make a great deal of money just by asking questions. Start now and pick your fruits. The earlier you start the maximum will be your results.

4. The massive remainings of 70% is given for the best answer. Hence making the better to earn more. Hope you get the potential of answerspay. Now I am going to discuss about the advantages and drawbacks.


1. As the site is new, the users have an opportunity of earning money simply for asking questions.

2. Sites like webanswers changed their terms and restricated the users from certain countries.

3. Hence this is an alternative to webanswers.


1. The layout of the site is not good.

2. The ad placement is good but not the best.

3. The site is new and hence has very few members. This is not a drawback actually because sites like hubpages and infobarrel were new in their start.

4. The site does not have a referral program.

5. The categories are less.

I have sent the mail to the admin and they were happy to receive the feedback. Got a positive response from them and they promised to change the appearance and other things on the site. But I do not make a promise because I am not going to change anything. Hope you enjoyed this article.

My personal experience: I have used the site myself. It is really good but as I mentioned you early regarding the library, members and layout my earnings are very low but I am extremely satisfied. Because i had posted questions and at the same time got some best answers. Still now made .45$ I spent only 2 hours in a week and left that and glad to see the impressions even now. will continue my work again when ever I feel getting bored by writing articles.


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How to make money at – Review
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