How to make money on revenue sharing sites

We are not allowed to say exactly how much we earn, but some people here make decent money. If you are consistent with providing good quality answers, then you should see your income gradually increase. There are quite a few people here earning around $100 a month. That is not a whole lot of money but it is nice to have some extra pocket money. The most that I have seen someone earn was a little over $700 in one month, but that person works very hard.
Personally, I only earn around $100-200 per month from revenue sharing sites. I started with them, but I’ve moved onto other projects. Namely project creation, where I create my own content for sale as ebooks and provide consulting services to others.

I’ve found this to be far more profitable and interesting personally. Yet, revenue sharing sites still taught me some very important lessons. I used them mostly as training grounds, though I didn’t realize it at the time.

I learned a good deal about experimenting with SEO, affiliate links, different revenue models, etc. So, I would definitely recommend them as a great way for someone to start earning online. You have to walk before you can run.
There’s risk involved because you don’t have much control either. At any time, the revenue sharing site could reduce how many ad impressions or link impressions you get. They could ban you, or get banned by some program that you use to earn, through no fault of your own.
Blogging, from its humble beginnings, has evolved into a legitimate way to make money online. Besides the extremely low cost of starting a blog; the only real investment is time and knowledge.
Affiliate marketing is one method many bloggers use to make money with their blog. Placing an affiliate link to products and service they recommend, when others click and buy through the affiliate link the blogger will earn a commission.
Advertising can also be very lucrative. As traffic continues to build and authority is built within a niche, advertisers will seek out those that influence the community. Because it’s your blog, you can command the price for each ad on your blog.
A more recent way for bloggers to make money is to write posts which are paid for by businesses. This method can earn a wide range of money depending on how popular a blog is.
Direct sales are the best way to make money online with your blog. If you create a product or offer a service, your blog can be treated much like a business – promote it and you’ll pull in sales.

If motivation is a problem you might think of reading Think and Grow Rich. Its one of the greatest books I’ve ever read in my life.