How to make money online by entering contests –

This is not what you may think. It’s NOT a sweepstakes deal. It is It is an ingenious web site that offers you the opportunity to enter contests for rewards. – what kind of contests do they have?

They have all kinds of contests. Many are technical, including graphic design, web design, etc. But others are just pure creativity or wit. Browse through them and participate in the ones you are interested. Or just enjoy looking through them and seeing all the wonderful ideas. – how do I win?

Win as with anything, hard work and dedication to your craft. No seriously, the sponsor of the contest just needs to like yours best. Here are examples…
Someone sets up a contest for the best logo design based on their criteria. So off I go creating my entry into the contest. People review it, comment on it, share it, and then the admin of the contest decides. If you win you receive whatever the reward was. This is a great way to showcase your abilities and maybe pass on a portfolio of work you have done. Be sure to give your best effort. There are many talented participants out there.

Another possible contest might be, name my comedy club… People submit some of the craziest ideas. You could too. You don’t have to be super talented, though some contests you should, but you do need to be creative. Anyone can do it and it is alot of fun. – What else can I do with

Well, you can interact. There are loads of people on the site. You can increase your influence. You can obviously share your contest entries with some of your other social media outlets.

Why not start yoir own contest? What to name your new puppy? Who can write the best article about Whatever, just have fun! Be sure to join now- share this article and follow me @escdebt.