How to Make Money Online by Gaming

You can make money online by gaming. For only 10 minutes a day, you could make 1000 dollars a month forever. With this site you can register for free and build an empire that can make you in game money that can be transfered into real money via paypal. You never have to pay a cent and you never get emails from the site unless you are asking a question. This site is a refferal only community so they can reduce the number of people signing up but you can sign up using this article as a starting point.

When you register you will have to ‘work’ immediately in the game for best results. There is a battle system and battles take time. If you are attacked you will not be able to work for 20 minutes. If you work right away than you keep yourself safe for 8 hours. As soon as you work you will be paid and you can buy some goods to help support yourself. My recomendation is buying some wine or renting a house, not just any house though, A five star house. This will reward you more.

After you have built up a bit of a money base which is made easier by using the in game banks, you can make a buisiness. If you have worked for more than 30 days you can get a loan to help start your buisiness. The items you make in the buisiness are bought by other players and you make in game money from that. After making some money you can transfer that money to gold which can be used for various things including starting your buisiness. This gold can also be transferred to euros which are what transfers to your paypal account.

There is also an in game government to decide taxes and bonuses. The taxes that are taken are pooled by the government and redistributed as wages and bonuses, You may also submit suggestion to this government to try to change somthing to your benifit or the benifit of others.

You can get your referral link below:

Do not forget to work as soon as you register. You may need to use google translate if you do not have a language translator extention for the registration page.