How to make money online using Redgage

There are many websites out there today which allow you to upload content and one of them is a site called Redgage. But not only do Redgage allow you to upload things like photos, blogs, videos and links they advice you that you should be uploading your own unique content. It’s a great place also for back linking to content you already have on other sites. So unlike a lot of sites that let you upload any old You Tube video which isn’t your Redgage want you to go out and create your own unique content and then advertise it through them.

Once you have decided to get your creative juices flowing be it by photography or videos or writing then you upload that content to the Redgage site. Once you’ve uploaded this content the other users on the site will view it and rate it. They can also leave comments on that specific content or add it to their favorites if it appeals to them.

When you have uploaded your content chances are you will get comments, so absolutely reply to all feedback. It’s a good way to get repeat view of new content later. You also have your own comment page on your profile which allows other users to say a quick hello to you. On your profile page you will be able to keep an eye on your balance of what you are earning on the site. If you go into each individual piece of content you are able to see how many views they have received and what you are earning on them. The more unique your content the better chance you have getting

a) A bonus from Redgage

b) Getting on the home page of Redgage

If you manage to gain the attention of Redgage by either of these factors then you will see your balance rise which is just another incentive to get more creative.


To make money on Redgage you need to get as many views as possible to your content. Being on the home page ensures this. Once your account balance reaches the minimum balance of $25 you are able to apply for a Redgage visa card. This card will then be posted out to you with your balance credited on it. But if you wish to allow your balance to build to a higher amount you can but beware that after it reaches $600 you need to pay taxes.


Redgage also have a daily competition running which allows users to earn points to enter their Raffle. If you do either of the following you earn points

1. Invite someone to the Redgage site – earn 20 tickets

2. Write about Redgage online – earn 10 tickets

3. Upload blog content your have written about which is useful – 2 tickets

At midnight each day their computer randomly draws a name and the lucky person will win $25.00 debit card in regards to all that days activity.


Redgage is a fantastic site for anyone who is already posting online content. So why not also take advantage of the service that Redgage is offering and make some spare cash on the side. Personally I upload all my photos to Redgage as I find it a great way to share them with friends. I also enjoy browsing on there and seeing other peoples content be it photographs, blogs or articles they have written.

So next time your online why not check out Redgage for yourself.