How To Make Money Taking Pictures

By now, we are all familiar with stock photography sites. They are loaded with great, crisp photographs that you can purchase or license for a given price for use on your website or for commercial purposes. While many times you will see photographs selling only a few dollars, it is surprising how valuable this industry is. Some people are making hundreds of dollars a month off of one single photograph that they have taken.

While it would seem that you would have to be a photographer to make money taking photographs, the contrary is true. In fact, many people already have images that they can sell on stock photography sites, laying around on their hard drive or in their camera. There is a huge demand for new and fresh photographs out there, and it seems like anyone can start to make money selling their photographs. Once you upload your photographs to a stock photography website, the work is done, and you start to make residual income every time someone purchases your photograph. That means passive earnings, just for some neat photograph you took and sold online. This seems like the greatest, easiest thing in the world! However, there is one catch: getting set up and using the proper channels to get started requires a lot of time, trial and error.

Make Money Stock PhotographyMake Money Selling Photos I found a book by Chris Farrell called ‘Earn $300 a Week With Your Digital Camera,’ and I have found this book to a valuable resource for getting started in the stock photography business. This book teaches the following valuable lessons, which are extremely helpful for anyone first starting out in this business:

  1. What Kinds of Photographs Are Popular (And Which To Avoid)
  2. The Most Wanted Photos From Sites Right Now
  3. What Websites to Use, and How To Use Them
  4. How To Set Up an Income Stream With Your Photos

There are ways to make a fortune by simply selling your photos on the internet, and if you properly set up your photographs to earn money, you can stark making money with your digital camera in no time. I have started to sell stock photographs to supplement all of the other streams of income I have online, and I must say that it is a nice bonus to earn a few hundred dollars each month from photographs that were quick and easy to take.