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How To Make Money With A Blog


Do you need to know how to make money with a blog? If so this article will help you get started. If you are serious about blogging as a source of income you will need to have a self hosted blog and install wordpress. If you are looking to earn a bit of extra money to pay off some bills then you may want to create a free blog using blogger or any other blog platform. By having your own site that is hosted you will have more control and do not have to worry about your site being terminted or taken down.

The next step is to decide what your blog is going to be about, choose a topic or niche that you are familar with and that you have a passion for. This way it will be much easier to publish content on a regular basis. You then need to think about displaying ads such as google adsense, chitika, infolinks or kontera which can earn you money when every ad is clicked. The hardest one to get accepted to is google adsense as they can be quite strict. You will need to build a blog and publish at least 5 articles that are unique and submit your site for review. Once you get accepted make sure you read all their rules so you don’t violate any of them.

The next step is to do some research on different products and services you would like to promote. Clickbank is popular among many bloggers as they have many products to promote and you can earn a higher commission, between 50-75% on every sale. It is free to join and very easy to set up. The best part of having a blog than any other type of website is that it is very simple to do, you do not need know HTML and blogs usually are ranked better as they get indexed much faster.

You will also need to learn internet marketing some SEO (search engine optimization ) techniques so you can drive huge amounts of traffic to your websites. You will also need to learn as much as you can about choosing the right keywords. If possible always use an image in every article and put your keyword as the ALT tag, this will also help you rank better. Be careful when writing your articles that you don’t stuff your keywords in as this makes your writing un natural.

To earn money blogging you can start building a list of subscribers, this is where you have a series of emails with important information and tips that is helpful to your readers. You can also recommend various products which can get you more sales. Once you have worked on your blog for a while and have added unique content you can start promoting your site by using article directories, social bookmarking sites, web 2.0 sites or mass article submission software. By learning how to make money with a blog you can start earning a residual income online.

How To Make Money With A Blog
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