How to make money writing articles online

I am going to tell you how to make money writing articles online in this short article. If you follow what I tell you, you will start earning money from Google AdSense, amazon, Chitika and eBay depending on which sites you decide to post your articles on.
Why would I help you a total stranger how to make money writing articles online? The answer is that this article is one more article I can add to my article total that will help me make money writing articles online. So it is a win win situation.

Let’s get started;

If you have read other articles similar to this the author probably told you that you need to write unique original articles about subjects you know about. Also you need to do key word research and make sure to include important and related key words in your article.

Well that advice is true but key word research sounds so difficult and who is going to show you how to figure keyword research out? Well I won’t because honestly I am not sure how good I am at it myself. Although I do write articles and I “do” make money from the articles I have written and posted online.
So I want to give you my take on how this whole writing online world really works. Well works for me at least. Maybe you will be a whiz at SEO and keyword research and pick all of the high traffic topics to write about.

Here are my rules to follow if you want to make money writing online.

1) Diversify. Spread your articles over a few or more websites that you can make money on writing articles. Pick a couple to start out and read others articles about different websites they use to earn residual income. Over time you will figure out which sites you like and work the best for you. Myself I am primarily on HubPages at the moment but I am recently focusing more on Seekyt as I feel that Seekyt has a friendlier feel. The website is easy to navigate and post articles on and the admin is helpful and I have had nothing but good experiences with the other authors here. There are other websites I use like Squidoo and Shetoldme. But if you are actually going to take my advice then I would sign up here and possibly HubPages for now. Over time though you need to spread your work around just like when you invest. Don’t keep all of your eggs in one basket. You can sign up with Seekyt here.

2) Write articles. Yes write articles about topics you know about because they will be the easiest to write. Also write about things you are interested in and things you learn as you learn it. What is most important about writing articles is to write hundreds of articles as quickly as possible. Unless you are one of the select few that are gifted writers and will attract thousands of followers then you need to play the numbers game. I have recently come to the conclusion that writing articles online is just like writing book reports in school. Kids are asked to pick a topic then read and learn about it and then record what they learned in a book report. I think writing online is just like doing book reports. Read and learn as much as you can and then write your own articles about the topics you are learning about.

3) Keyword Optimization. You will hear this term continuously while you write online. Yes you should choose related words for your article to optimize and increase the traffic the search engines push your way. I do however think that unless you really get it and have a knack for picking out the right key words and plunking them in the right spots in your article that you might spend a lot of time searching for keywords when you should just be focused on pumping out articles. If you want to improve your articles by finding great keywords to use then consider waiting until you are done writing a few hundred articles and then go back and fine tune them. Some might argue that you should do this before you originally post your article but I disagree. I don’t know how anyone would really know if the search bots care when the words are put in. Yes you might get a little more traffic for some good keywords but you will also get some good traffic for writing 100 articles in the same niche.

A recap on how you are going to start making some money online. 1) Diversify and write articles on at least 2 or even 3 websites to get started. 2) Pump out as many articles as you can. If you can write 2500 articles then go for it. 3) Key word optimization is important but don’t waste a ton of time trying to figure it out, # 2 is more important at the moment.

That is basically it for how to make money writing articles online.