How to Make Money Writing Ebooks for Other People

Freelance writing is awesome for the simple reason that you can go in so many different directions. If you’re good at research and don’t mind longer projects, then you can make money writing ebooks for clients. Ebooks can be excellent projects to work on, since they allow you to do all the research and writing on one topic. This is often easier than doing individual articles on a number of themes. 

You can charge more for writing ebooks, as well. The amount you charge will depend entirely on the level of research required and what you feel your work is worth. Some people charge several thousand dollars for an ebook, while others will charge just a few hundred. Either way, it’s a good way to ensure that you have a chunk of cash all at once. 

Ebook Writing Tips

  • Estimate how much work the job will be and then charge more than you think it’s worth. Ebook projects will ALWAYS be a little longer and a little more difficult than you anticipate. Whether the client wants some extra photos (more on that in a sec) or requires multiple edits or makes last minute changes, you want to make sure you’re covered.
  • Always hash out the details first. Will the client require images? If so, are they willing to pay for stock photos or are you expected to find freebies? How many words are they expecting? Do they have any research ready to give you or can they point you in the right direction?
  • Get a deposit. There is nothing worse than a client that walks after you’ve finished a huge project. While you should always have a contract in place to allow for legal action if they don’t pay, getting 20-50% up front is also a good way to ensure that your hard work doesn’t go entirely to waste. 
  • Set a limit on rewrites. One rewrite and a couple of edits (unless you’ve made a big mistake) are all my clients get unless they pay extra. This is necessary because otherwise you can end up with a client who insists on rewording dozens of pages and stretching the job out. This should all be worked out BEFORE you start writing.
  • Start with the chapter headings and fill it out from there. This is one of the easiest ways to write a book, I find. First, list out all the things people need to know about the topic and arrange them in an outline. The main points on the outline are now your chapter headings. You can write each chapter as if it were an article if that makes things easier for you.}

Some people charge by the hour to write ebook, but I prefer to charge per project. As a mom, I have a lot of distractions and charging by the hour would be quite inaccurate. However, some clients do prefer the hourly model, so whatever you feel comfortable with should work. It is possible to make money writing ebooks only, but I’d suggest it be part of your writing business. It can be difficult if you narrow things down too much and later need more work.