How to Make One Million Dollars Quickly in 2013

It’s not easy to make a million dollars but it’s not impossible. The fastest way to become an instant millionaire is to win the lottery, the next quickest way to millionaire status is to have exceptional talent which is recognized and then monetized. If you’re like me and don’t have any remarkable talent then you might be forgiven for resigning yourself in front of a TV with a lottery ticket clenched in your hand eagerly waiting for your numbers to come up. Fortunately there are other ways to make one million dollars quickly but you have to change the way you think and make adjustments to your lifelong paradigms that were instilled upon you when you were young.

How You Won’t Become a Millionaire Quickly

How to Become a Millionaire Slowly

Before we explore some of the options to become a quick millionaire you need to realize that working for a living and saving money for retirement won’t make you a millionaire in the short run. While is it advisable to save money, live frugally and sock away money for retirement you must face facts that you won’t become a quick millionaire in five years or less by saving 20% every month and maxing out your 401k, IRA and Roth IRA. If you’re lucky and the markets are in your favour then there is a chance you’ll become a fast millionaire but this will be later in life when a million won’t really be worth a million because of inflation and because your health limits you from enjoying dollar like you would if you were much younger.

How to Make a Million Dollars Quickly

Easiest Way to Become a Fast Millionaire

Instead of trading your time for money you must trade your time for freedom, it’s that easy. Whenever you do something think to yourself whether what you’re doing is helping you to free more time in the future. By working as an employee we work for freedom but working for 40 years is a hefty price to pay.

How to Think About Making a Million

Thinking Your Way to Wealth and Freedom

If you think about it in simple terms a million dollars is 1000 X 1000. This means that if you can sell an item that you’ve produced for $1000 a 1000 times then you’ll become a speedy millionaire. Rather than limiting yourself to an hourly wage or an annual salary you need to be thinking of the need result and how to achieve it quickly.

If you think along these lines then making a million dollars becomes more realistic, how you make the million depends on how creative you are and motivated you are to get there. If you want to produce a product or service that sells for $100 profit and you want to become a fast millionaire in 5 years then you need to sell 176 of these items every month for the next 5 years to realize your dreams.

The better the product or service you can offer the quicker you can become a millionaire. If you can think of a way to make $1000 and there is a lot of demand for this product of service then you’ll become a millionaire very quickly. Rather than thinking of making a million by saving for retirement you need to reverse think how to make a million by thinking how many units of products and service do I need to sell and at what price.

If you’ve decided you want to sell something for $1000 you then need to put your thinking cap on and research the markets and look at trends to find your unique product or service. You then need to market your item and sell it; with the internet at your disposal you can reach a wide audience and take things to another level.