News How to make reliable capris out of sweatpants

How to make reliable capris out of sweatpants


Sweatpants can be cut off to make capris. Sweatpants capris are the perfect craft to prolong the life of sweatpants that are too short or have become tattered at the cuffs, and are an alternate use for sweatpants during warmer weather. This article will detail how to make a pair of sweatpants into capris. Attached is a video guide to accompany this article, to provide a visual guide.

Sweatpants capris; needed materials:

You will need sweatpants, scissors, mirror, and chalk for making your sweatpants into capris. This craft will only take a few minutes to make.

Sweatpants capris preparation:

Put on the sweatpants in front of the mirror, and mark on them where you want them to be cut. The material does not fray or curl, so unless you intend to hem, cut at the desired length and leave the raw edges. To test how the capris will look, fold the pant leg inwards and push it up until the cloth folds at the desired length.

Making the sweatpants to capris:

Spread the sweatpants out flat on a flat surface. Fold them over, so the markings are on the outside of each leg. Smooth out all large wrinkles and make sure that both legs are even. Smooth out all wrinkles where you are to cut, lest you cut across a wrinkle and get an uneven edge.

Cut across the first sweatpants leg, along the point of the mark. If the two marks are not even, cut along the lower one for the longer shorts. Smooth out the second pant leg and cut it, using the end of the first pant leg as a guide. Save the cut cloth for use as rags, hair ties, and other crafts.

Try on the capris to ensure that they are even and are at the desired length. Cut them shorter if necessary until they look good. Sweatpants material does not curl or unravel, so it is best to leave the cut edges as they provide maximum comfort. If desired, the edges can be hemmed, but this is not necessary.

Sweatpants capris can be worn around the house, to the gym, in the yard, and as informal summer wear, and offer a cheap and reliable alternative to capris in warmer months. They also work as capris on cooler days, as the material is thicker than lighter capris.

How to make reliable capris out of sweatpants
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